Saturday, July 23, 2011

Anders Behring Breivik and his day of birth

The drama in Norway cost the lives of more than 90, almost all young, persons. First there were bombs in the capital, later a man dressed up as a policeman started to kill young members of the Labour Party on the island Utoya. This man is Anders Behring Breivik. It is not sure if he acted alone, yet. There is a post about the explosions (with AC/MC opposition Uranus). The shooting started 2 hours after the explosions in Oslo, with MC opposition Uranus. Uranus is also important in the chart of Breivik, together with Mars. He has Sun conjunct Mars in Aquarius, square Uranus. Mars is tightly trine Pluto.There is an article about Mars-Uranus on Astromarkt. I quote: 
Mars in aspect with Uranus is frequent in the charts of terrorist. You need not be an terrorist with this aspect, even though you want immediate changes and action in a hurry. The Mars-Uranus combination is the symbol of the short fuse.
Breivik also has a tight trine between Mars and Pluto. 

He was born on February 13, 1979. See name and photo in the Norwegian Dagbladet:
He owns a geofarm (perhaps an easy way to produce chemical bombs) and is a right wing nationalist. 

Here is the chart of the day that he was born. If you were born on that day (like a well known Mexican football player and a singer) , don't worry. The same strong energies that Breivik apparently used to kill, can be used in sports (especially in biking and car driving, because of another translation of Mars-Uranus: accelerating speed), or as an engineer. Just take care not to drive too fast...
Charts should always be read in the light of circumstances, age, genes, gender, social conditions and other backgrounds, like being born with a mental or physical disfunction. That is why I will only point at Sun-Mars-Uranus in the natal chart and give a list of transits and progressions.

Breivik's chart has Sun in Aquarius with Mars rising before the Sun and conjunct Sun: that is a statement for an activist or athlete, someone with a drive. His Mars in Aquarius is square Uranus. Mars-Uranus accelerates actions and energies. Mars is also sextile Neptune and tightly trine Pluto. Mars with Uranus and Pluto is a radical and vigorous combination. With Mars rising before the Sun (Mars oriental or orientational) the planet of the military and arms (and masculine drives) has a prominent position. Sun square Uranus makes him different then the rest (an outsider). Sun-Uranus could also reflect alienation (being different than the rest of 'your folks'). That is what happened now that he killed so many of his fellow country men.

1. Mars/Uranus
His important Mars/Uranus midpoint was square the AC/MC of the explosion. 

2. Sun quindecile Saturn 3x

Progressed Sun is quindecile natal Saturn
Transit Saturn is quindecile progressed Sun 
In the natal chart the Sun is quindecile Saturn (orb about 2.5 degrees, however). 
Sun-Saturn aspects are reflecting blame, guilt, endings, responsibilities and depressions. The quindecile is the kind of aspect that is reflecting a very strong focus and sometimes an obsession. Here we see a double quindecile, resonating the natal. A Sun-Saturn aspect also refers to managing to be in charge, being alone. That makes it plausible that he acted on his own or ...takes responsibility.

3. Mars-Pholus
Transit Pholus square progressed Mars
Transit Mars is square natal Pholus 
That is a double statement of a turning point in a battle

4. Pluto-Uranus

Transit Pluto is semisquare Uranus (mirroring the sudden change, the arrest)

5. Easy aspects
The transit Sun was conjunct his progressed Jupiter and inconjunct his natal Vesta. Transit Vesta was conjunct progressed Venus. I guess that this is reflecting what he felt to be a success and a dedicated feeling. Transit Venus trine Pholus is another easy aspect. 
Easy aspects aren't 'harmonious' in the hands of someone who is planning to murder a lot of people...

Perhaps, if we knew his hour of birth, there is a longer list of transits and progressions. 
A conservative nationalist, against the multicultural society and against socialism, acted on his own and killed almost 100 persons.  He never met them before. Most of them were young labour party members. It must be a horrible weekend for their family. And the question remains; how could this happen? Just like the depressed and mentally ill Dutch shopping mall killer he was given licences for arms...


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Marco Della Rocca said...

If his moon would be around 5° in Virgo, we could see everything needed, according to Liz Greene, to develop a psychopathic personality.

Anonymous said...

Good info and perspective.

If we add Hygeia's placement... 18 Aquarius.. exact conjunction to Mars square Uranus... (the conjunction is only 15 MINUTES away... not degrees... minutes..) then another confirmation of some type of "imbalance" is present.
Thanks again for the article.

Dunyazade said...

I read somewhere an opinion saying:
- This was about sex.

And it appears that he was shooting the "most beautiful girls".

This echoes what I thought when I saw his chart. I thouhgt:

- If he had a girlfriend he would not had done this...

And in your own anylisis - you can see alot of Mars energy (and Pluto.

My 2cents.