Friday, July 1, 2011

Sudden windfall: Domique Strauss-Kahn's Jupiter-Uranus

There is a spectacular change in the case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, says the NY Times. In France, the socialist have new hope: DSK back into politics. Transits of Jupiter and Uranus with DSK's chart accompany the 'sudden windfall' that is symbolized by Jupiter-Uranus (link to Astromarkt) in astrology.

Here is the chart of the sudden windfall and respect of Dominique Strauss-Kahn. 
1. The transit of Jupiter conjunct his Sun and 
2. Transit Jupiter sextile the progressed Sun, with 
3. Transit Uranus square progressed Sun and
4.  Transit Saturn trine progressed MC
The rule of three and a combination that is very fortunate. Jupiter-Uranus is for relief and Saturn-Uranus is the combination of restrictions AND breaking free. Progressed Sun is soon square Quaoar (new realities).

What a difference a day makes....Suddenly there is reasonable doubt about the testimony of the chamber maid, who has been involved in criminal activities before. There is no doubt about sexual activity.

 The silly thing is that I knew that Jupiter was coming. In a comment I said:
 It took many transits and progressions to get into this position and I doubt that one Jupiter transit (repeated in February of 2012) will do more than introducing a good lawyer, a nice judge (...) and perhaps medical assistance. He is about to loose his position so you might wonder in what way Jupiter will bring progress or improvement (in his eyes). 

You think that he will be found innocent?
To comfort myself: Jupiter-Uranus is the combination of the amazing and surpising sudden positive turn. It wouldn't be amazing if we'd see it coming:). And the good lawyers might be the best that one can afford...

Innocent or not: he had a very difficult period and lost his position during heavy transits. He might regain his freedom today, but he resigned and Christine Lagarde has already been appointed. Have a look at the chart and see that Saturn is way down in the chart (a low point in career) and Jupiter is high up: the contradiction, ups and downs, successes and defeats. 

Will the judge let him go? Will there be less strict conditions? If that is so, the lesson is: never underestimate the effect of Jupiter-Uranus in the chart of a wealthy man with good lawyers and never underestimate the effect of Neptune in the chart of a chamber maid. In this blog about Nafissatour Diallo you read that her progressed Sun changed sign and transit Neptune is now conjunct her progressed Sun. It is the combination of the negative view and the media attention. The question is, if she lied, will she be prosecuted for false allegations?

Update will follow...

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Astromarkt said...

Free without bail, back July 18....

Dunyazade said...
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Dunyazade said...

He shouldn't get too cozy with this win.

There will be a new moon at 3º Scorpio, opposing his natal Sun/Venus (26th October 2011). It will form a T-Square between his natal Sun/Venus/Jupiter (and this new moon). Around this time period: too much emotion, maybe? Perhaps due to Overly Optimistic results about his court case?

(Natal jupiter forms various squares And transit Jupiter is forming a Square to his natal Aquarius Jupiter). This new moon will also have transit Mercury (news) and Venus (women) opposing his natal Taurus Mercury. This to me spells news coming out about More women, more Secrets, probably younger women (Mercury/Venus).

The Jupiter transit is helping him - but also making him Think that winning is a sure thing (too much optimism, I believe). Plus it may also mean Large Bills from his Lawyers.

The Full Moon will happen November 10th at 18º05 Taurus, right on top of his Mercury! Only 5 minutes from a Exact conjunction! More bad news that he won't like to hear, news that will fill him with rage (Mercury, natally, is square Pluto) and dark, obsessive thoughts. Something like: "How Dare they?! Don't they know who I AM?!?!?!"

This full moon has other transiting aspects that might look "good" for him, but there's one that I want to show. This one to me speaks Volumens:
- transiting north node conjunct natal Pluto. A total change in his life and Self.

So, honestly, I wanna think that he Will be punished for what he did - there seems to be some indications, althought I'm not sure.

A real turning point in his life (Pholus) might be indicated in the 00º Gemini eclipse (20 May 2012) - it will be only one degree exact. Because Pholus is badly aspected natally I don't expect a Positive turning point in his life at this period - but you never know...

Dunyazade said...

Correction: transiting north node trine Pluto...