Friday, August 12, 2011

Moon inconjunct Venus

Most women are interested in the chart of the man they adore and some men are more adorable than others are. I have written about that before.

 But there is a keen difference between the idol and the person that you eventually marry. Men don't get married to Angelina Jolie-look-a-likes and women don't often find men who look just like Brad Pitt. Apparently we can drink the wine with lots of water! 

When we 'adore' or 'worship' our partner, we often don't see them as they are. That is why there are so many 'fallen angels' and divorces. People are people and people aren't perfect. Nobody's perfect, in fact. With that in mind I had a look at the chart of someone who married and divorced two times. Each time she said to 'adore' her lover before the wedding and each time she later said that he was no good.  

What I found in the chart:

1. Venus is quintile Uranus (for creating an adventure in love). She sort of created a state of 'being in love', each time. 

2. Her Venus is 'calling' so love, sweetness, luxury and pleasure was an issue, at any level. She loved perfumes, silk and small plates of luxurious food. She had Sun and Venus in Libra. 

3. Moon ruler 1 opposition Saturn ruler 7th house means that she had the tendency to remember the bad things (in her relationship) most and that there was a potential for divorce.

4. The Moon was also inconjunct Venus. 

Moon inconjunct Venus is better for men than it is for women and the inconjunction is creating lack of balance. This Moon inconjunct Venus describes a disproportionate need for love and emotion. The Taurus Moon and Libra Venus are placed in signs of style, love and luxury. This aspect combination is like dwelling in the house of love and luxury, eventually with a loss. She always lost her feelings for the loved one because she couldn't find a balance between wish and experience. 

It is a rather sad story, because she didn't live long enough to find a nice and suitable husband. After the divorces she found a lover, when she was abroad. He tried to let her buy him gifts in a tricky manner and than it was over. Later she fell in love with an exotic singer who didn't return the feelings. Later, she started to imagine that men fell in love with her immediately (like the doctor or the captain or just a visitor in a restaurant) and everybody listened politely without  saying that what she saw wasn't reality. 

She was born with ruler 1 opposition ruler 7 and that prominent Venus quintile Uranus and inconjunct Moon. The desire to fall in love over and over again - even if she had to put dark pink glased on- resulted in disappointment when the man became her husband. It must have been very hard for her, because she was a Libra with Taurus Moon, in need for company. Her first husband left her for another woman and she (and their daughter) never heard of him again. Her second husband developed a ' gambling' disorder and when she died she ordered that he was not allowed to come to the funeral. The beloved Greek remained an illusion forever. 

Moon inconjunct Venus...getting out of balance for the need to be loved.

Mink De Ville 'Love and emotion' on YouTube. Singer Willy de Ville (now passed away) had Moon opposition Venus in the natal chart.

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Anonymous said...

Could you speak to the quincunx between Taurus and Libra, as I have never ready anything even vaguely negative about these two in this aspect. Is Venus in Libra the wish factor and Mars in Taurus the experience in this type of synastry? Or, is the wish factor Moon in Libra to the experience of Mars in Taurus in synastry? Suppose, a woman is Sun, Moon, and Venus in Libra with a man Mars in Taurus? Does this represent a triple wish loss with his Mars?

Could you explain how Sun, Moon, and Venus in Libra quincunx Pisces in Neptune would play out in synastry. I am actually thinking of Sun in Libra quincunx Neptune in Pisces synastry between Maria Callas and Onassis the Greek mogul who chose Jacquline Kennedy over Callas during a Sun quincunx Neptune transit.

Astromarkt said...

Sorry, I hardly speak of signs and the quincunx between Taurus and Libra is only a quincunx when there is an aspect of 150 degrees between two planets or angles. Only if Venus in Libra is 150d (orb 2d) Mars in Taurus you could speak of a disproportional passion and possibility of getting hurt.
Here is a link to the post about Callas-Onassis (also about the quincunx in synastry)

Astromarkt said...

PS Libra and Taurus may be 'officially' ruled by Venus, but are air sign and earth sign and in that light as different as Libra and Capricorn. The Taurus strong willed materialism doesn't flow easy with the interactive indecisive Libra.
The signs, I mean, aren't compatible, but signs aren't human and signs are not natal charts. It all depends on the complete picture of synastry, shared aspects etc.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered these posts in my attempt to find out about the meaning of quincunx. I have venus in scorpio in the 8th house quincunx moon in capricorn in the 12th (14'28" so nearly 1st) and I know that explains somewhat what goes on in my lovelife. Could someone shed some light on this and how I can use this knowledge to help myself in relationships.

Yoh said...

You cant have a quincunx with a planet on scorpio and another on capricorn. Math doesn't fit...