Saturday, August 20, 2011

Suspicious aspects (re: West Memphis Three)

Sun inconjunct Saturn and Mercury-Neptune afflictions seem te be 'suspicious aspects', causing a problem when a person is somehow near or involved in a crime. Those aspects don't seem to help you when you are a suspect. Here is another example.

Three convicted men pleaded guilty to avoid to have to spend more months or years in prison, or even to avoid death, 18 years after the possibly wrong sentence for killing 3 boys. Their real murderer(s) might never be found. One of the West Memphis 3 is Damien Echols, born December 11, 1974, with Sun inconjunct the calling! Saturn and Mercury conjuct Neptune. I name those two aspects because I have seen them before in the charts of people with question marks behind their guilt. He could have been death, because that was his sentence... See the links about the aspects and other, convicted or not convicted, persons with these aspects.

About Sun incpnjunct Saturn in. Transit, Natal and Progression, in general. About a.o. Mercury-Neptune Mercury-Neptune and the invented crimes the Friedmans Mercury-Neptune and the wrong conviction of Dils Amanda has Sun inconjunct Saturn Many things were attributed ti the barefoot bandit, who has Mercury square Neptune Dupree was found innocent but spent the best part of life in jail. Other kind of aspects (no time of birth to see if the Mc was involved)

Recently I blogged about charts, guilt or innocence in and I mentioned that the chart doesn't tell us 'who did it'.

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Barb said...

I'm curious when you say that Saturn is about endings and separations. I started my last relationship when Saturn was right on my Moon and squaring my Sun. It was a good one too....we had a blast together. Maybe it was about the change of my lifestyle? We never lived together or anything, we just dated. I have Sun and Moon square within less than one degree.
I have Saturn now coming up to oppose my Sun and square my Moon again at 22 Aries-Cancer. Maybe I'll find a new relationship! (fingers crossed!). It could be because Saturn is the co=ruler of my 7th (Aqu on the 7th cusp.)

Astromarkt said...

Hi Barb, interesting case, Saturn when meeting a partner...
When King Harald V (Norway) met his wife, his progressed Sun was conjunct Saturn, ruler 7 (sort of like your Saturn). See:

Saturn is frequent in times of 'saying goodbye' (see the post: but that is because Saturn is about periods or lifestyles ending. The inconjunction is about lack of balance, getting out of balance (often due to a loss). Together (ending with a loss or losing self respect) they mirror depression.

Sun + Moon with Saturn higlights (Sun+Moon are lights) responsibility, commitment and being serious, too. When you are 'in' for a serious partner, and think that it is time (Saturn) for family life (Sun/Moon) the combination might be welcome.

I recently had transit Saturn square my Sun/Moon and noticed a lot of worries about family members.

Now is that too much diversity for one Saturn with Sun or Moon (from endings/separations via worries to commitment)? I think that the common factor is 'seriousness' and that commitment is also a sort of a limitation (you restrict yourself:).

Thanks for your example, Barb!

Barb said...

Ah yes, I am noticing the worry about family members. My Dad is seriously ill, and since I'm the only child, my level of responsibility to both of my parents has kicked up quite a bit. Lots more time and effort and worry involved now. And Saturn is still 6 degrees away! As Bernadette Brady always says, Saturn is felt from the moment it turns direct and heads towards the affected planet. Yep, that was true. My girlfriend's father passed away when Saturn was on her IC, representing the endings you mentioned. I am looking for a serious (saturn) relationship, and hope that this will be one of the results of this transit. Now that you've mentioned progressions, I just checked mine and I have progressed Sun at 9 Gemini, and natal Saturn at 10 Aquarius!