Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chart of Ahmadinejad
(Mars quindecile Pluto)

The President of Iran, Ahmadinejad, threatened the USA and I am afraid that he can. His chart is reflecting a dangerous combination of competition, anger, aggression and the use of power to enforce new realities. Very soon there will be three (3!) signs of dramatic changes in his chart. These three indications for changes are connected to the symbols of obsessive macho drive; the isolated Mars, quindecile Pluto.*)

Here above is a guess (!!!) chart (for the explanation for selecting this hour: scroll down). His true hour of birth is unknown. But there is a lot of information in the astrological positions of the day of his birht to explain the macho politician and the effect in his society. His chart also shows what a difference time and place make...It is a long story. If you don't like long stories, here is in short an explanation of the most important observations.

IN SHORT See him as the result of adding the local and personal situation with the chart's symbols. His personality is the sum of astrological indications such as:
- the isolated position of Mars shows how important energy, sport, fighting, being a man, having muscles, and/or hurting, hitting, beating and striking are.
- there is a rather obsessive drive to win and dominate in competition (Mars-Pluto).
- there is a probability of creating death ends (the midpoint combination of Saturn/Pluto with Quaoar),
- we see brutality and the risk of unnatural and violent death(Saturn/Pluto inconjunct Mars); it is also a combination of taking any measure in order to survive or win.
+ the situation of Ahmadinejad:
- his position of authority,
- the nature of his beliefs, ideas and ideology (and the heavy load of it: Saturn in Sagittarius, Mars in Pisces, Neptune rising before the Sun...),
- the situation in the Middle East.
Here is the complete reading, starting with the most important combination in the chart of this politician, living in a violent world.

The isolated Mars is without major aspects, 'calling', which means that there is energy and aggression at any possible level. Such a position of Mars urges to hit, beat, strike and attack somehow. This prominent Mars is quindecile Pluto (165 degrees). That refers to a special focus on using force and violence and to political struggles with some obsessive and intense drive to win. See Astromarkt about Mars-Pluto.

The combination of Mars and Pluto is inconjunct and semi square the symbol of creating new realities, Quaoar. Now that he warns the USA and Israel against any military move, transit Pluto is sextile his natal Sun. It is a learning moment about strengths… Pluto is part of the combination of Mars-Pluto-Quaoar...

Neptune was the first planet rising before the Sun on the day that he was born. Sun and Neptune are conjunct in Scorpio. That means that he has an intense immaterial, ideological (romantic or artistic and/or religious) and possible fanatical orientation. The conjunction is square Uranus, adding the will to 'make the world a better place, my way', based upon that ideology!

Is there a nice side on Mr. Ahmadinejad? Hardly. He is not the kind of guy to choose the easy way out (not enough soft aspects). He doesn't have many doubts (no oppositions). There are conjunctions and (semi-)squares with the personal planets and that looks like joined forces ready to fight. This made him a President in a macho country. Venus conjunct Jupiter is the combination of social success, parties, the generous one and of being loved. He may be an outsider (Sun square Uranus), he may be very aggressive and angry (Mars-Pluto quindecile), but a sufficient number of people voted for him and support him, maybe because they see these strong characteristics as a quality. He might be very nice and generous to those who love and support him. And he might be a big spender, too:).

A leader's chart is often an indication for how the nation is 'doing'. Ahmadinejad's Sun square Uranus and conjunct Neptune might refer to a disaster. The changing sun sign and the trine with Pluto are two indications for change. The 1st degree of Capricorn is in aspect with Quaoar, 75 d) and Mars (75 d), which means that Zero Capricorn is exactly at the midpoint of Mars and Quaoar, and trine Pluto. That is when the dangerous combination of Mars-Pluto-Quaoar in the natal chart will be activated. It might mean war, it might mean his own end and it might be dangerous for the world and his own people.

In January of 2011 transit Uranus will be square his progressed Sun for the last time and Uranus will be inconjunct his natal Pluto. That is a perfect statement for a dramatic change like a revolution that will have personal consequences. Transit Jupiter will be inconjunct natal Pluto, mirroring the extraordinary price to pay for success or a success with a price that is too high. In this guess chart there would be a conjunction of Uranus and Ascendant in the progressed chart as well, meaning that his situation (and name) could change.

Ahmadinejad has the Sun square Uranus in the natal chart. Any leader with a Sun-Uranus conflict will one day see revolt and opposition, even in his own party, because he wants to change the world: ...his way...and because he is not part of the old boys' network.

It might be that a revolution in Iran ends his position. There is also a danger for accidents and arrests. I don't want to 'predict' such a thing because times and situations change (and so should the reading of progressions and transits) and because I recently read about a fortune teller who didn't want to turn the bad fortune letter into a good one and was murdered by her client:). But, there are 3 indications for a major change and following my own 'rule of 3', Í'd be surprised if nothing changed the life and lifestyle of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad before 2012.

The world of Ahmadinejad is a violent world, so the effect of his afflictions will be felt hard and with possible violence. His chart is the chart of a macho that would have been perfect in sport. Belgian football coach Franky Vercauteren, born the same day, uses his qualities to be strongly focussed on winning in that field. Dave Wyndorf, also born on October 28, 1956, uses his energy and force by playing guitar the macho way as a stoner rocker. Ahmadinejad, however, choose a political career in a turbulent nation in a tense region instead...In this guess chart I gave Saturn and Pluto important positions related to the Midheaven, because they symbolize political management (and the nasty sides of politics, too).

The time and place of birth are related to the lines of the cross in the circle of the chart drawing. But that is not the only reason why it is important to know time and place of a birth. Knowing time and place informs you about the situation. It is such a difference if you were born in a creative well to do and tolerant family or in a poor situation without much perspective! It makes a vital difference for the way that you (must or want to) use your energy and drive... Ahmadinejad was born on the same day as a rocker and a coach and of many thousands who will never reach his position and the level of his anger and power. The combination of his character, background and events in history with chances corresponding with supporting transist and progressions, made him the number one in Iran.
With Midheaven in hard aspect with Moon, Saturn and Pluto there is a reflection of a very strict person with emotional restrictions and problems, but also with the authority of a man in charge. He was a teacher once (MOON!) and he had a very poor background (the combination of Moon, Saturn and Pluto). Saturn is in Sagittarius, square Midheaven (and sesquisquare Mars, in a wider orb). In the Basics of Astrology on Astromarkt you can read about Saturn in Sagittarius and Mars in Pisces (I won't qoute my rather harsh words here:)

Midheaven also refers to a dangerous position. Mars on top, in the combination with Pluto and Quaoar, would mirror the fighter, the soldier above all, with an obsession for a status of power. Pisces on Midheaven is for the religious ambiance and goals. Vesta on the Descendant is a symbol of the importance of domestic issues (keeping the fire burning, dedication). BTW: Vesta is related to the Mars-Pluto-Quaoar combination! And there are more many reasons why I like this chart. Such as Jupiter/Pluto = AC/MC showing his position in society. Stop!

!Remember: it is just a picture, just creative speculation and it is just my idea of the ideal chart representing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad! It is a long story, and it could be even longer, but I think that this is enough to see the correspondence between the man in the media and the positions in his chart.

The signs of changing times...
Moon and Saturn, hard aspects...

See the labels for more examples...

*)There are other ways to use Mars-Pluto. I recommend the post about the force of the beat...

**) Mercury calling in this guess chart: he studied traffic policy



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