Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jayson Williams and the verdict

Former baseball player Jayson Williams shot his limousine driver in 2002 and was convicted to 5 years in prison today. Today he had transit Saturn inconjunct his natal Sun and transit Saturn + Pluto afflicting his natal Mars. Together with transit Uranus conjunct progressed Mercury this is the perfect reflection of the news(Uranus)report(Mercury) of being found guilty (Sun-Saturn) for killing (Mars-Saturn-Pluto).

Eight years ago, when the shooting took place, his progressed Sun was in the 8th degree of Aries, right between Mars and Saturn, and also quindecile Pluto in the 23th of Virgo. There is a connection between that moment and today and that connection is Mars-Saturn-Pluto: the combination of violent death.

The midpoint combination of Mars/Pluto=Uranus is attributing to impulsive actions and that is corresponding with the fact that he was not convicted for first degree murder (planned murder) but for man slaughter. Here is the chart with transits and progressions of the end of February 2002, when the killing was.

There has been more than one violent incident in the life of Jayson Williams. Last April there has been an incident that appeared to have been an attempt of suicide. The Mars-Saturn-Pluto connection seems to have a prominent place in the life (and possibly also in the natal chart with hour of birth) of Jayson Williams.

For more examples of the Mars-Saturn-Pluto effect, see the labels. Here is the video of CBS where Jayson says that he is sorry.

Not so long ago Jayson Williams had transit Jupiter conjunct his Sun, but I can't find the positive effect of this transit. Maybe he was also skipped by Jupiter or maybe 5 years for accidental (reckless) shooting isn't that much in the USA?

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It’s about time Jayson Williams serves time for his criminal behavior. Lock him up!