Thursday, July 9, 2009

Paris Jackson's Mars conjunct Saturn

Someone pointed at the post on Astrologie Blogo about the natal chart of Paris Jackson. I wanted to see if there was some indication what happened to her.

First look at the solar return chart with Saturn (symbol of the father, symbol of farewells, too) conjunct Midheaven opposition Mars. That is the same combination (Mars-Saturn) that occurred in the chart of Michael Jackson at the time of his untimely death. See the post about the transits at that time...

Why do the transits and progression and solar return chart have such a strong effect in her life? It is because in her natal chart we also see Mars conjunct Saturn (ruler 10). Again Mars-Saturn, again the reflection of the importance of energies ending and of death in her life. The death of the man who raised and protected her will of course be very influential. Even more, because Paris Jackson has Moon in Cancer (a need to belong).

Another indication for the importance of death in this year is the progressed Jupiter (ruler of the progressed 8th house AND the natal 8th house) exactly opposition transit Saturn (ruler of the 10th house, a parential house) at the moment of her father's death. In other words: transit Saturn conjunct progressed ruler 8th house: death (8) of a parent (Saturn).

One of the indications of change is the changing sign of the MC in progression. Paris' Midheaven changed sign now that her position in life (and in the family) change into that of an orphan. The first aspect that the Midheaven will make in progression is a conjunction with Neptune, the planet of being lonely, deserted and isolated. There is another effect of the MC conjunct Neptune. That is becoming conscious of the unrevealed spiritual world and the world of music, arts and religion. Neptune is important in her chart and so is mystery, if only about her biological parents. Perhaps that is why she was born with the Sun and Mercury conjunct Ceres, the symbol of the roots and the genes. An important, calling Neptune on top, together with Moon in Cancer sesquisquare Venus and Venus square Sun/Moon tell me that she at least was influenced by her father, the artist. Also Michael Jackson's Uranus was exactly trine the natal Sun of his daughter. He was very special in her life, a source of inspiration.

The charts that tell us 3 times about the situation in this year reveal the theme of death (Mars-Saturn) and the timing (Saturn) of death (Jupiter, ruler 8).

There are more interesting observations regarding her natal chart, such as the quintile between the Sun in the 12th house and the unaspected Neptune on top for a creative way to lead a double life (or to live the discrete way) to the max. It is also, together with the other indications in her chart, the combination for creative talent*) (as an actor perhaps). Who knows...

*) See the examples in ART&ASTROLOGY...


Anonymous said...

Did you use the 6:28 a.m. birth time or the 6:26 birth time? Because the later is on her BC and gives her a 29 Aries Asc.

Her birth certicate:

I'm curious about what artistic pattern you see in her chart....


Astromarkt said...

Thank you for the link to the birth certificate! You ask two questionsl

1. Birth hour
I used 6:28 that I found here: (as mentioned in the article). The two minutes difference with the official time - that might actually be 6:25:30 or 6:26:40 does not change the contents regarding the Mars - Saturn influence. It changes the Ascendant if the timing was very accurate.
The fact that Paris Jackson's Ascendant is on the edge of two signs has it's own meaning (transformations of the environment in the early years, for example).

2. Artistic pattern
The pattern of artistic talent in the chart of Paris Jackson (who happens to be recording a CD right now: is like this:

Moon sesquisquare Venus (sense of beauty and style)

Moon in Cancer (strong in sign)

Neptune elevated (empathy, sensitivity, fantasy...on top)

Neptune not making major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees (Neptune is 'calling'), pointing at the 'amorphous' (idealistic, romantic, fantastic spiritual or artistic world) to be important at any level (and above all, because Neptune is elevated).

Venus square Sun/Moon (being motivated by beauty, style, entertainment)

Quintile (creative aspect) between Sun and Neptune (for a creative fantasy)

Mercury is square Midheaven and that relates the career to communications (by voice, as a writer etc.).

Of course she doesn't HAVE to become an artist, but since she lives in a family of artists the chance that whatever talent there is, will be used is greater than in ordinary situations. Maybe that is why Neptune (symbol of the artist) is square her Ascendant (environment, situation).

See for more examples of the artistic pattern in natal charts that is build by Moon, Venus, Neptune (and related signs) connected to Midheaven.

In the chart of Paris Jackson there is no connection to Midheaven in the birth chart. Within 3 years or less (depending on the correct and exact minute and second of bith) the progressed Midheaven will be conjunct Neptune.

Hope that this explains. Thank you for asking!

Kind regards,

Marga Bervoets

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow. I wasn't expecting such a quick response and so thorough! Thank you.

1.) Birth hour
I was wondering what the significance of her being born as one sign fades into the other...I would not have thought of that, but when you reminded me that Asc. = enviroment that makes a lot of sense.

The tricky thing about being born with a 29 degree rising is you need an EXACT time to know for sure. (I don't know why, but she looks more like a Taurus Rising to me...)

I know the article is focused on the Mars-Saturn conjunction in her chart, but if she had Taurus Rising that would make Venus the ruler of her chart. That interests me because I was wondering if she had a good singing voice.

She has Venus sextile Saturn and I've found Saturn-Venus gives a good singing voice (or at least good control over the voice.) But the only singers with Venus in Aquarius had a Venus-Uranus aspect and she has none. I actually don't think her chart is all that musical...

I really hope she isn't doing an album. I think she is too young to understand the consequences of becoming a public figure, being compared to her father, people will judge her family as exploitive ect. I think playing around in one of her family members studios is good, but not a real album.

2. Artistic Pattern
I thought the pattern was pretty good until I realized - and you pointed out - that it doesn't aspect the MC.

But then isn't Neptune in the 10th house, even though it doesn't conjunct the MC it is out in the public and at an angle (square Asc.) Her moon is oppossed the MC(I use 8 degrees for oppositions and conjunctions. The ruler of her 5th house, Sun, is square the Mc.

Even if we don't consider those aspects I think a good job for her would be as a film producer or director. She could be a leader behind the scenes (Aries stellium in 12th house, ruler of tenth in 12th - Saturn in 12th can create structure from chaos.) She would be working with artistc people (Venus, Jupiter and probably Uranus in 11th - I know I'm kind of generalizing, but you know the aspects that go a long with them) and film (Neptune in 10th house.)

OR... a writer because of Moon in the third house, Mercury square Mc and all those planets in the 12th wouldn't mind hiding in a hole until her novel is done haha...

OR.. some kind of therapist where she can help people who are in institutions or on the fringe of society (12th house stellium) she'll probably have a good feel for psychology (Pluto in 8th trine Sun in 12th.) Helping others keeps the Neptune happy. She is obviously compassionate, especially if you use Chiron in chart formations because she has a Grand Water Trine of Jupiter, Moon and Chiron.

But I don't think Aries could stand listening to others problems all days. Maybe if she was a lawyer FIGHTING for the underdog. Mercury/Saturn is a good mind for law.

Oh...I didn't mean to ramble...::embarressed::

I've been reading your Art and Astrology articles and I find them fascinating. I don't usually use minor aspects but you have given me a new appreciation! I especially loved the one for Roseanne Barr :-)

Thank you if you actually read all that...


Anonymous said...

Here is Paris' older brother "Prince's" (aka Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.) birth certificate. I thought you might be curious:

*He has Jupiter conjunct Neptune (like his father) in the 2nd house.

*Venus conjunct Uranus (like his father again - stay away from the plastic surgery!) Venus quintile Asc.

* Mercury/Jupiter/Uranus in a tight Aquarius conjunction and sextile Saturn.

*This conjunction is quintile the MC.

*The ruler of his 5th house, Mars, is in the 10th house. Mars trine the Jupiter/Uranus/Mercury and Neptune.

*Unaspected Sun at an angle.

I was about to crown him the second coming before I remembered unaspected Suns usually break the family mold. Engineering or technology would be a good outlet for his Aquarian inventiveness.

Leo is on the cusp of the 9th house so he should explore 9th house themes -most obviously college - to help him cultivate his identity.

Consider this my apology for my previous rambling post :-)


"Blanket's" data is Feb. 21. 2002, 9:26 p.m., San Diego, CA. "Inside Edition" found a copy of his b.c with the mother's information blacked out. I will try to send you the page, but the pdf link is being temperamental...

Astromarkt said...

Hi Andie, you write so much, you could start your own blog!:) Thanks for all your input.

I like to add that patterns of artistic talents CAN be used by managers in the entertainment industry, too and that Paris is already involved in the 'business' because of her father and family.

I have not taken a look at her brother's chart, yet, but I like to mention that the unaspected Sun wants to draw attention somehow (see Roseanne Barr's chart on Art&Astrology and this post:
Do you have some examples of breaking up with the family and unaspected Suns? I am interested...Perhaps it is a side product of wanting to be in the spotlight all the time (and getting trouble with the rest of the family members). What do you think?

I'll take a look at Prince's chart and thank you for the link with the birth certificate, Andie!

Astromarkt said...

PS Prince Michael Jackson jr. has now transit Saturn on his Midheaven, very much in line with his situation and just like his sister Paris. Just like his sister he has a tight aspect between Mars and Saturn (the opposition) in the natal chart...

Blanket has Mars semi square Saturn. All 3 of them have a Mars-Saturn combination. Strange 'coincedence'.