Friday, December 4, 2009

Uranus, inconvenience and Al Gore's chart

Al Gore won’t come to Copenhagen; he cancelled the meeting. Does ‘ Climategate’ have anything to do with it? First, he planned to go, he is the leading figure in the global warming hype, he is expected to be there. What on earth kept him out of the plane this time? It is Uranus, that inconvenient planet of disturbance.

Here is the chart, with progressions and transits (courtesy Astrodatabank) for the day that he was expected to be in Copenhagen, the 16th of December. Uranus is exactly on the Descendant (just like in Tiger Woods’ chart). Something came up, something inconvenient, a revelation, newspapers…and it disturbed the ordinary routine. (Uranus is the symbol of the alarm, the exposure and the ‘ truth’ and came from the 6th house to cross over the horizon). And in Al Gore's case that inconvenience might be: Climategate. The Climate conference in Copenhagen would start on December 16, whit New Moon in the 25th degree of Sagittarius, a degree of an excessive party and exaggeration (according to Janduz). Had Al Gore come to Copenhagen, he could have become involved in a hectic situation, maybe even in an accident. That is because Uranus is the planet of (sometimes unpleasant) surprises and twists of faith, like Tiger Woods found out. Maybe an astrologer adviced Al Gore to stay home?:)

I have written about Al Gore and the similarities between his chart and that of Yasser Arafat (they share the Nobel Prize).

About Climate gate and Gore on Big Government

PS Have I managed to make a climate neutral post?:)



Amusing Bunni said...

I'm glad I found your blog. I'm subscribing now. I think you'll like my post about al gore too.

It is very often related to the planets and astrology when suddenly, someone who has the world by the tail, experiences major upheavals! I find all of th is extremely interesting. I'm a capricorn, with a b-day in about a month. I'd love for you to do my chart (see my blog & leave me an email) I'll link you around and put you on my blogroll.

I've been having major upheavals lately too, esp. in the last month. I bet you can guess in what area of my life.

Thank You! Bunni

analysa said...

A must read

Astromarkt said...

Thanks for the comments. It seems that this post isn't attracting comments coming from Al Gore's friends:)...and that is an understatement.
I have watched several YouTube's about the upheaval around Al Gore and Climategate and the fact that one handshake costs the publice 1200 dollars, after seeing the first comment. What I saw makes it understandable that he won't come to Copenhagen. It would cost him a lot of security guards.

I didn't know that global warming and Al Gore were such hot stuff in the USA.
The main stream media in my country don't mention Climategate this much, but they also don't mention his latest book as much as they did his first, though the socialists broadcasting company in my country spends a whole week on information about global warming. I doubt that they will get into Climategate, but who knows:)

Astrologers are supposed not to judge. Uranus (the planet on his Descendant right now) is also the planet of astrology. Uranus is there by transit and transits go bye...
And the other side of the story is that it is Al Gore who succeeded in getting the world together in Copenhagen to talk about the discussion that he made important and that made him important, too. That is why there is also a quindecile between Sun and Jupiter in his progressed chart (for a success with a very strong obsession and drive involved). There are few people who manage to get so much support for a theory. There are still more buyers lining up than there are activists. But it sure will have an impact on the public opinion, just like the bank story does, no matter what the conclusions of the UN inquiery (or that of the University) will be. It will require political strategy in communications to change the public opinion (or to prevent that:). Maybe that is why there is a Mercury-Saturn-Pluto combination on December 7? And maybe Al Gore staying away is the first major political decission that has been made in order to stay on track. Many political, scientific and financial careers depend on it. And if they are right, we all depend on the results of this conferene. If they are wrong, too (because we pay the extra taxes).

I'll be back on this subject, I guess:)

Astromarkt said...

It seems that there is no significant result of the Copenhagen Climate Conference, since China and the USA stick to their points of view and blame each other. And it seems that starting a conference when Mercury, Saturn and Pluto make tight aspects only infensifies old discussions. To have a successful conference the combination of Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto would have been better, perhaps...