Tuesday, June 29, 2010

108 year old man died

Jos Wijnants, age 108, died. He was born in Antwerp March 27, 1902 with the right genes (Ceres, symbol of genes and seeds, is 'calling' in his chart): his grandfather died at age 92.
But, what is in the chart of his day of birth that contributes to the astrological picture of a chance to get older than most people do? Here are some of the indications, limited by the unknown hour of birth.

1. There are more placements in fire and air than there are in earth and water. On Astromarkt I wrote about the effect of this, click HERE for more.
2. Strong Scorpio Moon
3. Sun sextiel Jupiter and in a minor (105 degree) aspect with Uranus creates a Sun/Jupiter/Uranus combination that is often reflecting the prolongation of life.
4. Saturn, symbol of old age, is not making any Ptolemeic aspect. Saturn is 'calling'! It is like if 'getting old' was his vocation. When 'Saturn is calling' you don't like taking risks.
5. 40% is in movable signs (and that helps to keep moving)
6. No inconjunctions at all!
Inconjunctions in the radix often mirror ailments or other fysical/mental problems from the start. In order to get old, it is better not to see them in the chart.

Those indication and the mix of them, together with helpfull genes, contributed to reaching the age of 108 (wanted or not). Of course, the individual chart with hour of birth might offer more info (like angular placements, the Sun/Moon and AC/MC midpoint, the Ascendant, etc.).

When you are born healthy, with a positive and strong character, you have a better chance of getting old. This chance is transtlated into astrological terms as 'movable signs', positive signs (fire and air signs) and balance (no signs of no balance, like inconjunctions). Earth signs and a strong Saturn help to be 'earth bound', cautious and 'sober'. This is the basic packet for getting old. But: there are always exceptions (just like with statistics)!

See the labels for more examples!

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Astromarkt said...

Follow up:
A man born May 4, 1902 in Rotterdam is now the eldest Dutchman. He is still independent. His wife died in 1974.

His father died ‘ young’ (in his 80s), his mother became 99 years old and two of her sisters 91 and 92. So, it is in the genes. Ceres, symbol of the genes is ‘ calling’ (no major aspects), just like in the chart above.

Other indications:
- earth signs (Sun, Mercury and Mars in Taurus, Saturn in Capricorn)
- Sun square Jupiter and biquintile Uranus (combination Sun, Jupiter and Uranus) and Jupiter in Aquarius semi square Aries Point

His Mars is rising before the Sun and ‘calling’, reflecting independence and energy (being active). He walked a lot.
He has Sun semi square Neptune. He quit smoking 50 years ago