Friday, September 11, 2009

Silivo Berlusconi says it again (but why?)

Berlusconi manages to be in the news reports all over the world, again. Berlusconi said (standing next to a smiling Zapatero:) that he doesn't have to pay for sex and that paying for sex would spoil the pleasure of seducing the ladies, or words like that. As a lot of Italians seem to like the escapades of their leader, still 50% of them support him. His wife stopped supporting him. She wants a divorce.

There are more posts about Silvio Berlusconi and his chart (click here to see them all...) and the main reason for the fact that he is repeatedly 'news' is Mercury inconjunct Uranus (IMO). Mercury - symbol of communications - is on his Ascendant and Uranus -symbol of upheavel - is in the 8th house of sex, a recipe for having a way of shocking communications about sex. That explains, but there is more...

Why are the (young) ladies so important for Silvio's ego? It is Pluto. Pluto is the symbol of politics and sexuality. His Pluto doesn't make Ptolemaic aspects in sign. Out of sign there is a square with Venus, ruler of the first and eight house. The eight house is the house of Pluto. There are more reasons for the importance of Pluto:

Sun sesqui semi square Pluto (67.5d); for frustrated self esteem and wanting to be an authority or a winner or...(at some level) a man with potential;

Moon sesquisquare Pluto; for fanatic habits and intense needs;

Mercury quintile Pluto; for creative ways to impress the audience;

Venus square Pluto (out of sign); for the desire to impress the ladies and dominate them (by earning lots of money, for example);

Ascendant sesqui semi square Pluto; for presenting yourself as an authority, with problems doing so;

Pluto half semi square AC/MC; for the crucial importance of politics and money.
With Moon and Venus in hard aspect with Pluto it is no surprise that he is a fanatic womanizer.
Transit Pluto is trine Mars right now and that enables him to have a good defense and to win any battle. But...with Jupiter inconjunct Neptune he might find the church on his way. The Italian Roman Catholic Church won't be pleased with such a VIP member! As he has Jupiter square Neptune in the natal chart, this aspect might be more important than he thinks.



Candela said...

He also has the Saturn/Uranus opposition affecting his ASC/DESC axis - 27 degrees Virgo/Pisces.
The same opposition, and especially Saturn, has been affecting Italy's chart too, Italy's Sun being 19'09 degrees and North Node 20'48 degrees Gemini

I follow the Italian press daily, as an efford to practise Italian and stay in touch with what's ging on in the country. I've noted a changing attitude in the Italian, right leaning press, especially "Corriere della Sera" (including a journalist I've personally met and talked to in a couple of occasions). They may have been critical towards Berlusconi under the years, but were curiously silent in the past months. Now, before the death of Italian soldiers in Afganistan there were several editorials explicitely condemning Berlusconi's behaviour that is seen going against freedom of press and embarrashing for Italy internationally. Protest against the Government during the State funeral were reported too - something that wouldn't have happened a couple of months ago either. It seems even Berlusconi's allies are openly discussing about how to divide the power after he is off the scene.

So, all considered, I wouldn't be that surpriced at all, if the Saturn passing over Berlusconi's ASC - happening in October 12th - would be a very concrete turning point in his life. Could be that the enormous stress he is under will start taking an undeniable toll on his already shaky health. He may resign or be temporarly unable to perform his duties due to health concerns.

Also, I think that the battle concerning media ownership will only heat up in the next months, with Saturn/Pluto square closing and putting increasing stress on Italy's Mercury at 1'11 Cancer.

Astromarkt said...

Thanks for your comment, Candela! I am curious about October 12...!

Candela said...

This actually happened a bit early, but the Italian Constitutional Court declared the Lodo Alfano, a law granting an immunity from prosecution to the four highest political offices in Italy, unconstitutional on October 6th. This means Berlusconi will be, again, prosecutable in several criminal cases.

It's to be said Berlusconi had 11 cases pending during his 2nd government, but managed rule for the whole legislation. However, he has been showing clear signs of erratic behavior - even for his standards - lately. His disparaging comments towards the President and a known female politician after the sentence caused some upset even among the conservative press. He is expected to witness in a corruption case concerning his once lawyer David Mills early next week. I'm wondering if he'll manage to put the proverbial foot very deep into his mouth there too.