Friday, January 29, 2010

Michael and Cameron Douglas: Uranus opposition Saturn

Michael Douglas’ son pleaded guilty in the case about selling chrystal meth and using drugs. He can get life in prison for this (more than a rapist or a murderer gets)! It must be hard for the family to see a son in jail.

Some of the transits of Michael today:
Transit Jupiter inconjunct Sun and square progressed Mars
Transit Saturn will soon be conjunct Sun and square Moon again (highlighted worries)
Transit Uranus about to be inconjunct Midheaven (upheavel)
Transit Neptune opposition Midheaven (negative publicity)
Michael Douglas has Sun conjunct Neptune and square Moon, reflecting his own addiction and the fact that addiction is ‘ in the family’. Cameron also has Sun conjunct Neptune (he was born December 13, 1978). Neptune is the symbol of visions (fantasy, movies, religion, ideals, art, dreams and...drugs).

Michael Douglas’ Jupiter rises before his natal Sun and that means that he is first of all on optimist. Nevertheless, transit Saturn’s passage is reflecting a difficult period. His son has Neptune rising before the Sun, That doesn't make it easy to get a grip on life.

Here is the chart of Michael Douglas with the transits of the day of birth of Cameron.

Cameron’s Saturn is opposition Michael’s Uranus and Cameron’s Pluto is conjunct Michael’s Mars. Cameron’s natal Mars is quintile Pluto. Michael’s Saturn is trine Cameron’s Venus. The combination of this tells us that there is the love of a parent, firework (…) and a typical father-son opposition. The aspect introduces the issue of restricted freedom and trying to break free as part of their relationship. A few months ago, Michael Douglas said that he hoped that the period in jail was a wake up call for his son. But he also mentioned the fact that his son now lives amid hard criminals.

In The Huffington Post Anthony Papa pleads for treatment instead of prison for Cameron Douglas and other drugs offenders…

Post about Sun-Neptune combinations...('Am I who I think that I am, or am I who they say that I am?)


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Today Cameron has been convicted to 5 years in prison.