Sunday, April 10, 2011

Linda Goodman's chart

Linda Goodman was born on April 10, 1925 and she died in 1995. Linda Goodman was a successful astrologer and there is still a forum with her name, even if she died more than a decade ago. She used to conceal her birth data and that is why I like this chart with Neptune (planet of secrecy) on the Ascendant. This Ascendant is conjunct the midpoint of astrologers: Jupiter/Uranus.

She also was a poet (Venus, Moon and Neptune are in aspect with the Taurus Midheaven and Mercury is 'calling' - without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees - and in hard aspect with Sun/Moon: communicating at any possible level, that is what motivated her...).

She started with astrology in 1963, with Progressed Ascendant trine Jupiter and Transit Uranus trine Progressed Mercury. That is illustrating prosperity and new interests, but it also happens to be a perfect combination for astrology, those aspects with Jupiter, Uranus and Mercury.

In 1973 her daughter died and Linda Goodman couldn't believe it. When there are more than 2 important transits and progressions, there is often an important event. In 1973:
1. and 2. her progressed Ascendant and Midheaven changed sign (mirroring changing positions, situations and conditions).
3. transit Neptune opposition Progressed Sun caused confusion and 
4. transit Uranus opposition Sun shocked her. Oppositions often point at ' what happens to others' and what is effecting us. 
5. There is also transit Saturn conjunct Progressed Venus and sextile natal Venus. Saturn marks endings, Venus is the symbol of loving relationships. Venus-Saturn sometimes breaks hearts. Saturn-Venus aspects are frequent in the synastry between mothers and daughters. 
6. Progressed Mercury (the most important planet in her chart) is on Midheaven.
7. Transit Pholus is square progressed Sun in that year, resonating a turning point in life (and health).

Here is the chart with transits and progressions for 1973. Watch the elevated position of Ceres, symbol of motherhood.

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Betsy said...

I have several of her books and have found others at the library. Her writing is such a joy to read!!