Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jupiter trine Pluto...

Obama won twice as much votes as Hillary Clinton did, yesterday in South Carolina. In my 'guess chart' for 14:02 we see Jupiter tightly trine PLuto, the planet that is conjunct his MC, Mars is heading towards a trine with the Progressed MC next week and Mercury is trine MC already. Mercury rules the Midheaven.
Hillary Clinton had Jupiter inconjunct East Point yesterday, together with the longer lasting opposition of Neptune with Saturn (heavy disappointments) and Pluto on the descendant (for challenging opponents:). Still, there is also the effect of the support given by the NY Times, shown as Jupiter trine Progressed MC and Venus conjunct progressed Sun. That explains why why she did not weep for long. She is still full of hope.

Yesterday Caroline Kennedy (born 27th November 1957) announced that she will support Obama. and not Hillary Clinton. Looking at her birth chart compared to those of Obama and Clinton that is rather surprising, perhaps. There is a Venus trine Mars connection between Caroline and Obama and Mars in her chart is rising before the Sun (men first, orientation on men) that might explain this in an astrological way. However, there are various hard aspects between their charts...

Her Mars is square his Sun, his Chiron is square her Sun, her Moon opposed to his Sun, her Mercury square his Mars and (this must be IT:) her Venus trines his Mars. On the other hand her Neptune is conjunct the Sun of Hillary Clinton and her natal Sun is exactly square the Midheaven of Hillary Clinton.

Chart of Obama
Chart of Hillary Clinton


Anonymous said...

I write this as Hillary Clinton has held up well despite the Neptunian surge of Barack Obama. The Kennedy endorsements did not help, as Hillary takes Ted Kennedy's home state of Massachusetts, and, California where he worked hard for Obama. What I see here is voting patterns -- women in great numbers turning out to vote for the first woman ever to be a leading candidate for the American presidency. (California voters were 65% women, and voted 2-1 for Hillary.)

I see woman write in political forums, "Her fight is my fight."

Do you see this in the charts?

Astromarkt said...

Interesting question is, where you see the support of women in the chart of Hillary Clinton? Females are ruled by Venus and/or Moon. Support is found in the symbol of Jupiter.

Could we attribute that support to the position of the Moon on top of her chart? It is a very important Moon, conjunct Aries Point and Void of Course. And the Moon is trine Jupiter (only just out of sign).

However, mostly American presidents have aspects (narrow aspects) between Moon and Jupiter, without being a female. What she shares with the USA presidents I studied is also the Mercury-Saturn-Pluto connection. She has Mercury in Scorpio, in a tight square with Saturn. I hate to say it, but usually it is good for politicians to be strategic in telling the truth (ahem..) and most top politicians have this indication for a strategic mind. So has Hillary Clinton.

As it happens support is in her chart right now (the Progressed Moon is about to oppose to progressed Jupiter: it means that she is going to have a temporary pleasant and positive period).