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Astrology chart Natascha Kampusch and Priklopil
The Saturn-Uranus and Sun-Pluto connection

The Austrian police announced that they are investigating links to child pornography in the NATASCHA KAMPUSCH CASE. Natascha vanished when she was only 10, was being held in a cellar for years and managed to escape on August 23, 2006. Reading her chart and that of her abductor, I noticed a very strange pattern:

Saturn-Uranus keeps coming back in the transits, activating the charts of the girl and the abductor. Saturn and Uranus connect their charts, too. And while her life changed in a dramatic way on the day of the crime (with Pluto square progressed Sun) his life changed in a dramatic way on the day of her freedom (with Pluto inconjunct natal Sun).

What I observed was (in a shortlist)that a man:

- with an obsession for limitations of freedom (visible in Saturn quindecile Uranus)
- and a preference for very young women (Moon in Virgo and Venus in Gemini)

kidnapps a little girl

- who's life will be centered around the theme of limited freedom (Saturn conjunct Uranus connecting many positions in the chart)
- on a day that HE had the freedom to limit (Transit Uranus conjunct Saturn)
- and her life changed in a dramatic way (tansit Pluto square progressed Sun)

The theme of limited freedom linked their charts (his Saturn/Uranus square her Ascendant, her Saturn/Uranus biquintile his Sun). And when she broke free she had a good moment to break free (trine Saturn-Uranus) and HIS life changed in a dramatic way (with transit Pluto inconjunct Sun).
So the situation was reversed. What comes around, goes around...

Sometimes astrology makes you think... If you want to read the whole story, here it is and here are their natal charts. I don't know the HOB of Priklopil.

Natascha Kampusch was born at 6:45 a.m. in Austria on 17th February 1988 with Moon on the Ascendant (attraction) and an angular Mercury, planet of communications. After the end of her imprisonment, she had her own talk show. This important Mercury is semi square Saturn and Uranus so that communicatins and contacts were rigidly limited. But Saturn and Uranus also have the potential for breaking free...

SATURN-URANUS and the limtiations of freedom
In her chart Saturn and Uranus are prominent. They are connected to Zero Aries. Also, they do not make any major aspect in sign. I name planets in such conditions ´calling planets´.
Saturn and Uranus dispose of 60% of her planets, as most are in Aquarius or Capricorn.
The prominence of Saturn and Uranus in her natal chart shows how important the theme of limited freedom was and still is, in her life.

MARS AND PLUTO for use and abuse of force and influence
There are 13 midpoint combinations with Mars and Pluto, connection the limited freedom to use and abuse of violence. Pluto is on top of this chart, reflecting the importance of cases of life and death, sexuality, money and/or influence and politics. Mars and Pluto are semi square. Fortunately, Mars is also conjunct Jupiter. The combination of Mars, Jupiter and Pluto stimulates energy and self defense and is one of the combinations in charts that indicate successes.

On the day of her abduction (2nd March 1998) transit Pluto was square progressed Sun. That certainly transformed her life! As she has many potential in her chart for intelligence, charm and patience, she managed to survice.

The escape was with Prg Pluto semi square Prg MC and T Pluto square Progressed Ascendant. The Progressed Ascendant was sextile Pholus. Transit Saturn was inconjunct progressed Sun. Her escape was reason for her abductor to kill himself.

Her abductor, Wolfgang Priklopil, was born 14th May 1962 in Hainburg a.d. Donau. With Moon in Virgo and Venus in Gemini he prefers women young. There is a quindecile aspect between Saturn and Uranus (for being obsessed with limited freedom...and later for finding a creative way to prevent being in prison himself: suicide).

When he committed suicide transit Pluto was inconjunct Sun, Uranus conjunct progressed Jupiter and Venus conjunct Venus. There is a quindecile aspect between Saturn and Uranus for a creative way out...

When he kidnapped Natascha transit Uranus was conjunct his Saturn. The Saturn/Uranus connection in this case is obvious. His Uranus is opposition her Sun. Her midpoint Saturn/Uranus is biquintile his natal Sun. His midpoint Saturn/Uranus is square her natal Ascendant...

Of course it is not strange that their charts were as connected a their lives has been years. But it is strange that their charts were connected this way, by the planet of drama and the combination of limited freedom/breaking free.

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