Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The smoker in Obama's chart

Barack Obama is not able to quit smoking up to now, but he promised not to smoke in the White House (in order not to make it the Grey House, I suppose).
What in his chart shows the addicted smoker? In short: Neptune on top and the Moon opposition MC and in Gemini (sign of the lungs) and Mars semi square Neptune... But there is help on the way!

1. Neptune is the planet of vision, fantasy and ideology. But it is also the planet of mist, smoke and addiction. Tobacco came from the Native Americans. They smoked a pipe as a symbol or ritual in their religion.
Neptune is not only on top of this chart. Neptune is also square the Sun in Leo. Barack Obama should consider his health and stop to keep his hearth and veins in order. But he cannot.

2. The Moon is the symbol of needs and habits. There are prominent needs in a chart with a prominently placed Moon. This Moon is also square Pluto, intensifying needs and habits. It is strange that a person in control cannot control his needs, but he is not the only one.

3. Mars semi square Neptune illustrates a drive that 'goes to far'. Any addiction is overacting.

Now we have 3 good astrological reasons for smoking. I can even find a fourth one in the crucial placement of Ceres (nutrition and food, seeds and grain) square the ASC.

But are there tools for ending an addiction too? I know that I quit with Jupiter transiting my Ascendant. Obama will see Jupiter on his Ascendant end of March 2009. A perfect moment to give it a try and feel real good about it because Jupiter helps you do what is good for you. And Jupiter makes you grow weight, of course.
Will anybody pass him the message please?:)

BTW I found the funny Uncle Sam poster on Son of the South http://www.sonofthesouth.net/uncle-sam/funny-no-smoking-signs.htm

For more about Obama's chart, click on 'Obama' in the names of labels below this message.

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