Friday, December 26, 2008

Everybody happy with Obama: Jupiter!

Everybody happy? It seems that over 80% of the Americans is happy with the way that the next president of the USA, Barack Obama, is doing. They are happy with the selection of his team, too. When everybody is happy with you, Jupiter is there! Jupiter is the symbol of content, progress and successes. Jupiter also provides you with good advices, good advisors and help is on the way when you need it. Jupiter is the 'positivo' of the planets. So when Jupiter is in contact with important positions in your natal or progressed chart, you can expect positive results. And transit Jupiter is making three wonderful aspects with the progressed chart of Barack Obama right now. There is a rule that I call 'the rule of 3'. When there are 3 indications, you almost cannot 'escape' the effect. Three indications coming from Jupiter is 3x hurray...You see the progressed chart here.

Jupiter rules the ninth house in the progressed chart. The ninth house is a fortunate house, as it's 120 degrees away from the Ascendant (just like the 5th). Transit Jupiter is conjunct his progressed Jupiter and trine his progressed Sun and Uranus. In his progressed chart Sun was already trine Uranus (for an easy and nice change in life) and Jupiter now makes it work the positive way.

There is another interesting observation in this progressed chart. I told you about the progressed Sun/Moon before. And about Obama's progressed Saturn and Pluto related to the progressed Sun/Moon midpoint in Obama's chart. The statesman and politician (Saturn and Pluto) are strongly related to his lifestyle in the progressed chart, so much more than in his natal chart.
Well, progressed Mercury is related to this progressed Sun/Moon midpoint, too. In the article on Astromarkt about presidents of the USA (and in fact politicians in general) I wrote that Mercury, Saturn, Pluto combinations refer to the political and strategical mind of the politician. Sun/Moon = Mercury, Saturn and Pluto...It says: he is in hearth and soul busy with strategy and politics right now.

And please calculate with me: his natal Sun/Moon midpoint is 7d57 Cancer. On January 16, 2009 transit Neptune will be sesquisquare this midpoint, exactly! And Neptune is the most elevated planet in his chart. Maybe it means that he cannot smoke in his own house any more:) He promised not to smoke in the White House, remember? And Jupiter will be crossing his ASC soon, so that it is the perfect moment to improve his conditions. Read about the smoker in the chart of Obama...

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For those who are not familiar with midpoint combinations, an explanation. You find your Sun/Moon midpoint by adding the length of Sun and Moon and dividing the sum by 2... (Sun+Moon)/2
It is simply the point in the middle of Sun and Moon.

Any hard aspects (conjunction, half semisquare, semisquare, square, sesquisquare etc) with this midpoint produces a midpoint combination. The 3rd planet of the combination colours the way that you live your life in your own personal style.

Notice that Obama's progressed midpoint ASC/MC is changing sign in January 2009. It means that he is in the middle of a crucial period of change. And maybe so is the country...

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