Thursday, December 30, 2010

Flash back 2010

It is almost New Year (for me it is only about 35 hours to go)! Time to look back...What was important news on Astropost in 2010? I listed some of the posts. Number one is for the RC Church and abuse, number 2 is for Pholus' effect and number 3, 4. 5 and 6 are for family news like obituaries, weddings, divorces and births, followed by crimes (Amanda Knox, Joran van der Sloot and the murder of the unlucky lottery winner) and: a disaster (Haiti), WikiLeaks and Facebook, of course. Continue for the more than 30 links to even more posts...

  1. Roman Catholic Church and abuse; have a look at the charts of Marcial Maciel, Don Gelmini, Father Murphy, Cardinal Brady, the Pope, Cardinal Sodano and a Belgian bishop who quit. In many of the cases  of abuse Venus-Pluto was important and the whole period seems to be related to the mutual reception of Uranus and Neptune...
  2. Pholus and the effect for Kucinich, John Terry, John Boehner, love affairs and a tennis match. There are 66 posts with the word ‘Pholus’ and they are here…See Astromarkt about the meaning of Pholus:
  3. Obituaries: Polish President, Tony Curtis and Solomon Burke: See what transits and progressions accompany sad events.
  4. Births: Celine Dion’s twins:
  5.  Divorces: Al Gore and President Zuma and 2 post about Sandra Bullock's divorce: and
  6. Weddings: Sacha Baron Cohen and three royal weddings: a. Princess Victoria's (including Princess Victoria. For the match with her partner, see Astrology&Love); b. Prince Albert's: and c. William, Kate, the match and the wedding day (link leading you to Astromarkt for the combination of two posts of Astropost) 
  7. Wiki Leaks: Assange's Mars biquintile Pluto and the similarities of his chart with hour of birth and the chart of Bradley Manning
  8. The Amanda Knox case: 3 recent posts via Google or see this blog and scroll down...
  9. Facebook: about Mark Zuckerberg’s natal positions
  10. The Haiti earth quake shook the world in January 2010 and in spite of all the donations the people of Haiti didn’t receive much help. This post with a link to the chart of the Lisbon earth quake is about the disaster...
  11. The case of the unlucky winner of the lottery drew much attention. Have you bought a lottery ticket? Then this might interest you:
  12. The arrest of Joran van der Sloot, the suspect of two murder cases, was Time's number one news. There is a label VanderSloot on this blog with a lot of info about the case.
 LINK 2010:
Also visit: for example for a flashback of the horoscopes for 2010. I am a Sagittarius. This is the advice that I gave myself:
If you are the kind of Sag who wants to make the world a better place or who wants to improve the world, then this is the perfect year to make a start: with yourself! It will be easy, you just have to skipp everything with 'too' before the word. 

I am just lucky that I have no intentions for improving such large things as 'the world,, so that I didn't have to skipp many 'too's' in 2010:). Except perhaps: too many posts. I promiss to do better next year and limit myself. But, for 2011 this is my text:
For example, if you were born on the 12th or 13th of December you will experience the beneficial effect of the Jupiter trine between the 17th and 23th of April 2011. 
I'm counting on it!:)



NEXT: the plans for 2011...

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