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The confusing transits of Neptune

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Neptune was the Roman God of the Sea. In astrology, Neptune is the symbol of what is fake, like the movies, idols, your dream partner and the fraud. Neptune is the symbol of drugs, television, imagination, fantasy, art, visions and spirituality. Most of what is part of the world of Neptune can’t be reached, touched or shaped, like the mist, the waves or the clouds. Nevertheless, people tend to believe in Neptune’s objects, ideals and dreams. That is why Neptune is very confusing.
In combination with other (heavy and difficult) transits and progressions, Neptune tends to withdraw, make you want to hide away (for reality) and seek a refuge or an isolated place after being seen in a negative light. Sometimes Neptune literally means ‘lost of consciousness’ (or a coma, for example). 
Neptune also gives you beautiful dreams about a fantastic future (with the one you love). That is why Neptune is the perfect planet for Valentine (the secret admirer behind the postcard). And what is more romantic than a tragic love? See the post about the effect of Neptune and love in the charts of a poet and a singer: Neptune was square her progressed Midheaven when she drowned (…) and her Neptune was trine the Sun of the man who wrote a poem about her final day.
Of course, transits of Neptune have a different effect for everyone. When Neptune is important in your chart or when you are in a ‘ Neptunic’ situation, the transit of Neptune will have a stronger effect than in the charts of the realist and the person in a stable environment. Otherwise you might, at some point, even get to doubt your own identity. Identity theft seems to be very Neptunic, too. Neptune (ruler of Pisces) makes you forget about the usual daily pattern (the Virgo-things) like feeding the cattle, having dinner or washing the dishes. It is daydream-time with Neptune, the planet of illusions.
Neptune’s transits with Midheaven announce a misty and sad period. Some of us move to a place by the sea during this transit. Others get involved in an affair or a scandal, not necessarily started by your own behaviour. For example: Queen Beatrix had transit Neptune conjunct her Sun, Moon, Venus and Jupiter in Aquarius. In that period of time she had a bad press. One of her sons wanted to get married to a girl who was connected to a drugs dealer and television didn’t stop to pay attention to the question wether or not the future Princess slept in the same room as the drugs dealer.
Leaks (real water or leaks like the ones of Wikileaks) seem to be related to Neptune and so are plagues like ants, rats/mice and other nasty things in the house (mould, for example). Poison (hidden way to get killed) is also part of the Neptunic vocabulary.
When there is a transit of Neptune with the Ascendant you might ‘drift away’ a bit or be overly sensitive (for viruses, too). The environment might be polluted or poisoned or you might be isolated for some reason. The other side of the mirror shows a chance for romance and you seeing the world in pink. The colourless mist seems to be more appropiate mostly, I am afraid. But with beautiful (other) aspect, you might really enter a world of dreams. For example, you start to watch movies more and more or to read novels day by day or you move to the seaside or you experience spirituality in a way that you never experienced weird events before. It won’t be easy to turn into a ‘ softy’, however. Rarely transits of Neptune offer the opportunity to become an artist and to start using your imagination, making products by means of visions and fantasy. Most often the Neptune transit brings you into the world of hospitals and prisons, where you help others to deal with the situation, perhaps as a volunteer, because you have these ideals…
  • Transit of Neptune with Venus tend to give you a false idea of what love (and who your lover) really is. The trine might increase your talents (if you have them).
  • Transit Neptune with Mercury confuses the mind and tends to miscommunications.
  • Transit Neptune with Mars confuses your drives and energies (sometimes you get ill with this transit). With such a transit you tend to do something out of pity.

Try not to avoid daylight and skip the alcohol (and be carefull with beliefs and medications) when transit Neptune hits your chart. Keep it as clear as you can possible be, in the middle of unclarity! Oh dear, I almost forgot to mention the positive things of the negative light of Neptune! Here they are:
-   - Neptune enables you to hide away what you want to hide
-   - Neptune encourages you to dream on
-   - Neptune inspires you to write novels, poems and musice
-   - Neptune teaches you how to feel for others and help them
-   - Neptune makes you want to sacrifice yourself for what you see as a higher goal (an ideal, a belief, a lover, charity)
-   - Neptune shows you the world behind the usual stuff to help you deal with daily life
-   - Neptune makes you see what other’s don’t see (like ghosts, the beauty of your lover, the intelligence of your dog or cat…)
Here are some examples of what happened to others with transit Neptune: 
An innocent convict got confused when he was questioned and that was with transit Neptune square his Sun.

Kerviel. the man who speculated with other people’s money, has Venus biquintile Pluto (for a creative way to earn money) and Sun trine Jupiter (for self confidence and successes). He also has Jupiter biquintile Pluto. It is a combination for big money and I think billions are big enough. But why did it go wrong? When it went wrong the progressed Sun was square  Jupiter and Neptune was square natal Jupiter.
The ombination of Jupiter and Neptune is the combination of big speculations (and often of wrong hopes).

Transit Neptune with Midheaven ment an even more negative press for serial killer Dutroux.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell had a bad press in July 2008, when he told the world that he believes that visitors from other worlds have already been on earth.

Transit Neptune is now square the Midheaven of Obama and earlier transit Neptune was inconjunct his Sun. Read about that inconjunction here..

I want to show you two examples of life changing accidents: Frida Kahlo and Laura Bush. Both were young (18 and 17) when the accident happened. Both survived. One was crippled for the rest of her life. Both had the progressed Sun sign changing at the time of the accident. And both had a transit of Neptune with Midheaven…Neptune weakened their conditions and positions.

Never forget that It takes more than 2 indications for a big event to happen and that sometimes transits just pass bye…It all depends on personal charts, other transits and progressions, gender, social situation and where you live/in what position you are.

Also visit: for example the article about natal, progressions and transits of Sun-Neptune.


Anonymous said...

I currently have T Neptune conjunct N Chiron at 4 Pisces 12 hs in addition to T Chiron conjunct N ASC 12 Pisces so it is hard to separate the two (N Chiron forms a wide conjuction with ASC), but all the elements are there - illusion, the perfect, fantasy lover, preoccupation with dreams & fantasies, a kind of nebulousness or not knowing who I am anymore, where next to turn or what the future may hold; strangely there's also a sensation of losing touch with reality, pleasant at times & worrying at others. There's been illness - physical, mental & emotional, & a kind of overall feeling of weakness & loss of resilience, of being unable to fight back or to direct my own affairs. I'd describe the whole experience as a kind of psychic surgery as I've been afforded the opportunity to replay or to relive my entire life experience thus far - this has been an acutely painful period as I've faced much from my youth through to adulthood that lay simply buried in my unconscious & I've been able to examine it in an almost clinical, detached manner, almost how I'd expect to experience an NDE. Also examining at close quarters my faith, religion, spirituality & belief system which resembles a bit of a mish-mash at the moment, since all of these have been tried & tested during the months leading up to planetary contact by transit. I now find myself very much alone, signifigant others have all but abandoned me & I'm adrift in a queer Neptunian sea that is wonderous & fanciful at times & torturous & tormenting at others, believe me when I say the anguish is real, especially given that my usual faith in others has left me & I'm left to rely solely on myself. Thanks :-)

phadreus mephistoples said...

Interesting. At this time Neptune is trasiting my 12th house which has Pisces on the cusp. I am a Saggitarius and scribe to the belief Neptune rules Sagittarius jointly with Jupiter as it does Pisces. I went to the site intially to get insights into tNeptune sextile my nMid-Heaven which is 2 degrees Capricoen since tNeptune is 2 degees Pisces retrograde. Most of what I have read speaks to being idealistic concerning career at this time and being close to authority and superiors but I was musing about how does this transit affect those who don't have a career or are still attempting to have one.
I am alone so the stability of home is somewhat true but I don't have anyone in my home but myself. I have a siginificant other of sorts(Virgo) but we aren't ablwe to see each other as much as I would like because of some serious issues which are actually Neptunian in their make-up. I am concerned about the spiritual side of my existence but this has been true since I was 14 years old and I am now 61 (soon to be 62 on Dec 11th. There are several major transits happening now with which I am concerned and how to take advantage of thema nd to fulfill myself is my primary concern. While I get the notion of ego-lessness concern for others, and interest in the spiritual what I need is some money and actually a great deal of it in order to do the things I want to do for the rest of this life. I am not interested nor never was intersted in being a reclusive person though I have always been very unorodox in my views and beliefs astrology being something I have studied now for about 48 years and actively for about 35. I believe Neptune's influence is more powerful the more sensitve one is to the underlying faberic of existence. We have a very serious transit occurring between Uranus and Pluto now also which together with the Neptune transit is operating to completely reshape our worldview and the planet we live on. Much of what happens between now and 2024/26 will be determined by how conscious and conscientious the people on th planet can become especially those of us in the developed countries or will we find ourselves sinking into a 21st century distopia because we are to blind to the delecterous effectssof these planets and those who would function from a place of selfishness, arrogance and extereme hubris which is how we in the United States especially seem to be acting. Neptune was in Virgo when the United States was founded and Pluto was 27degrees54 minutes Capricorn which means we are due for our first Pluto return and from where I set barring a miracle by 2024 we may not have a United Statesof America but more like something the actor MOses Gunn was discribing in the SciFi classic of the '70 Roller Ball...or worst. Just some off the cuff thoughts to share.

Astromarkt said...

Thank you, James, for adding your experiences with transit Neptune. Just like in the first comment, a-temporary- isolated position in society -no job, wanting one- seems to be part of the deal when Neptune is in (any) aspect with Midheaven or Sun (your progressed Sun is now trine Neptune, too, and your Progressed MC -secondary Midheaven- has been or is conjunct transit Neptune. You know that there is more (you know astrology) and I need not tell you that the harmonic aspects with Neptune offer a chance for focus on ideals, dreams and spirtuality, like it or not:).
BTW it seems that your chart and mine have some similarities, like the small trine Sun-Neptune-Pluto, Jupiter on the AC (I guess), Chiron conjunct MC and a Sagittarius sun in minor aspect with Uranus (you 157,5, I 160, for the helicopter view) that I hope will guide you through any period.

Thanks again!

Merit said...

I know this is from '13 but I was wondering if there's any positive examples of Neptune transit the midheaven? Or with it natal?


Merit said...

I know this is from '13 but are there any positive examples of Neptune transit to midheaven? Or with it natally?


Astromarkt said...

Yes Merit, there are and I mentioned them in the article here!