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Timeline, transits and progressions of Gary Ridgway

January was the month of progressions and February is the month of transits on this blog Astropost. In order to see the complete picture you need to combine the transits and progressions for a chart with exact hour of birth. The life of Gary Ridgway (the Green River Killer) has been used to show a general timeline, only for the positions of Sun and planets, here. So it is not a complete picture. But, the timeline shows the importance of inconjunctions, Pholus and progressed aspects! And the importance of the rule of 3...
Green River

The ' Green River Killer' (Gary Ridgway) was born on February 18, 1949. His first (known) murder was on July 8, 1982. He was finally arrested on November 30, 2001  and sentenced on December 18, 2003. He probably raped and  killed supposedly more than 70 young girls and women. On his birthday, yesterday, he confessed the 49th murder.

There is no hour of birth, so that there is no complete picture of a natal chart.  Some of his specific characteristics could be contributed to angular positions, the aspects of the Scorpio Moon and the midpoint combinations (f.e. Sun/Moon or AC/MC). Even with those limitations, however, we can see certain important patterns in the chart. The chart of the day of his birth has the ingredients for sick ways of life or the disadvantages of a double life (Sun-Saturn-Neptune), intense desire (Venus-Pluto) and unnatural death or violence (Mars-Saturn-Pluto) in combination with a growing risk of restricted freedom (Sun Aquarius opposition retrograding Saturn). Tudor King Henry VIII and Christopher Neil also had/have the combination of Venus, Mars, Saturn and Pluto in their natal chart...Those ingredients only turn into poison in certain conditions. Gary Ridgway is an abnormal man

There are thousands of men and women born on the same day who didn’t turn into a serial killer or abuser (I hope). I keep repeating it: charts must be seen in the light of the genes, gender, situation, circumstances and environment. It is not just 'up to you' what you do with your characteristics. And it is not up to the aspects in your chart alone....Some charts, however, seem to have more difficult combinations than others have. In this case there are 4 uneasy aspect combinations and one indication for being smart enough to continue what he did for many years without being caught. 
Natal, transits and progressions first murder

1. Sun-Saturn-Neptune (illness, disadvantage of being weak)
a. Sun opposition Saturn. That opposition is a growing opposition in the progressed chart (as Saturn is retrograding).
b. The other aspect is Sun sesquisquare Neptune  (tightly).  People found him weird, but even his wife never suspected him of being a serial killer. With Sun-Neptune-aspects people are able to live a 'double life' (see for example Josef Fritzl).
c. The combination might point at all kind of illnesses (starting from age 3-4). The midpoint of Saturn/Neptune is opposition Lilith (black moon) and that doesn't seem to be a good 'sign on the wall'.

2. Mars-Saturn-Pluto (danger of death, unnatural death issue)
The second aspect combination is that of Mars with Saturn and Pluto. There is a quatronovile (160d) aspect between Mars and Pluto (for rejoycing the use of power, influence, force or violence) and Mars is also opposition Saturn. Saturn is opposition the midpoint Sun-Mars. Discipline and hard labour seem to be an issue. So is unnatural death (Mars with Saturn and Pluto- combination, see the labels for more examples).

3. Venus-Pluto (intense desire and/or money-love problems)
The two most exact aspects in the natal chart are Sun sesquisquare Neptune and Venus opposition Pluto. The Venus-Pluto-axis is the money axis and is also frequent in the charts of abusers in the RC church (see Venus, Pluto and abuse).
And I like to point at the biquintile between Sun and Quaoar. Such a biquintile enables a person to create new perspectives and ways of living quite easily. This man had a ‘double’ life for a very long period of time.
The combination of Venus, Mars, Saturn and Pluto is frequent in the charts of men who have serious problems with sex. Sometimes these problems turn into the problems of the women in their lives...A recent example on this blog is the chart of Tudor Henry VIII (Bluebeard), who caused the death of two his official wives. He has the same combination in his natal chart! I quote:Also Venus opposition Mars/Saturn is not the nicest combination in love as it means death end sympathies and ending passions.  We see Venus inconjunct Pluto, tightly, for the money issue (and for intense desire at a certain price). And it were the wives who paid the price. Venus = Mars/Saturn and inconjunct Pluto." 
4. Mercury and Jupiter prominent (transportation and cleverness)
Wikipedia mentions that the IQ of Ridgway was no more than 85. Still, he managed to kill dozens of women and it took the police a very long time to catch him. Mercury is ' calling'  in his natal chart. That is reflecting the ability to think things over (and communicate about them) at any possible level (very high or very low). Jupiter is also ' calling' and rises before the Sun. The importance of Mercury and Jupiter ' calling' points at the 'big mouth' and/or transportations at the lowest possible level. BTW he used to work at a Truck factory. And with Mercury - Jupiter you can also be very smart.

5. Saturn-Uranus (freedom and restrictions)
BTW the Saturn-Uranus combination of restricted freedom and independence is like this:
Sun in Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) trine Uranus and opposition Saturn. The midpoint Saturn/Uranus is inconjunct natal Sun.

There are a lot of inconjunctions involved when important things happened.

1.    STABBING AT age 16
This event is mirrored by Progressed Sun inconjunct Pluto and semi sextile Venus (the P Sun in a difficult aspect with the tightest natal aspect) + Progressed Venus conjunct Mars with Transit Saturn

When he was only 16 he stabbed a 6 year old and said that he had the desire to feel what it was like to murder somebody. That was with progressed Sun inconjunct Pluto and semi sextile Venus. Progressed Venus was conjunct Mars and Saturn transited over this conjunction. The combination of Venus, Mars and Saturn is a deadly combination for the development of sexual desires.  The opposition between Venus and Pluto is the tightest major aspect in the natal chart, intensifying desires (also the wrong ones). But of course there must have been more.  This combination tells us that in the time that passions and sexual desires are growing, something blocked the normal development. And remember that Pluto is in aspect with Mars, the symbol of aggression.

The Progressed Sun inconjunct Saturn, two more inconjunctions and Lilith are part of the astrological picture.

At the time of the first murder (8 of July 1982) the progressed Sun of Ridgway was at about 3d Aries. That is inconjunct the natal Saturn. The inconjunction
between Sun and Saturn is a very nasty progression, because it points at lost balance and self respect. Transit Uranus trine Mars is reflecting the sensation and transit Lilith is square Mars. Transit Saturn inconjunct Mercury (bad decission) but trine Venus (a desire completed) and Progressed Mercury inconjunct Pluto (mental stress). There are 3 inconjunctions in one short period of time. I have written about the rule of 3 before: it means that there was an important event. Inconjunctions describe lost of any kind, and lost of balance because of that.  A besides: Progressed Venus is conjunct progressed Lilith.

So, apparently the days of the first murder were filled with an act on impulse, deeply felt stress and loss of self respect. Also transit Mars was quindecile progressed Mars (something fueled the anger).

3.    ARREST
The progressed Sun doesn ‘t seem to make an aspect, but progressed Pholus is opposition natal Sun and quindecile progressed Pluto, illustrating a dramatic turning point in life. But, he managed to escape death penalty. There are a number of ‘soft’ aspect combinations,too.

He was finally arrested on November 30, 2001. From the fact that Pholus (14.6 Scorpio), Pluto (14.81 Sagittarius) and Jupiter (14.45 Cancer) are all in the 15 degree of a sign, just like his natal Neptune, you might expect that one of the angels is in the 15th degree of a sign or maybe the Moon is in the 15th of Scorpio. But the 15th degree is also in hard aspect with natal Sun. Pholus is 105d, Pluto 75 d and Jupiter is sesquisquare natal Sun. Progressed Venus and Mercury are square natal Jupiter. That doesn't 'sound' too bad. But, Progressed Pholus and Saturn are semi sextile and opposition natal Sun, Progressed Jupiter is semisextile natal Sun. Progressed Pluto is quindecile progressed Pholus. The progressoins are indicating that there is a bad turning point with restrictions caused by others and that there is a positive turning point with a ' but'... BUT he was arrested. Progressed Uranus/Pluto midpoint is opposition Pholus.

The arrest was with Progressed Pholus in aspect with Sun. The conviction was with transit Pholus inconjunct Progressed Sun. Pholus is the symbol of the turning point.

On November 5, 2003 he pleaded guilty to 48 charges with transit Lilith square natal Sun and Transit Pluto trine Mars. On December 18 he was sentenced. That was with transit Uranus conjunct natal Sun (nerves, changes) and transit Jupiter inconjunct progressed Mars (a succes, but...). Transit Pholus was still inconjunct progressed Sun (unbalancing turning point).
He will never leave prison again, but he escaped death.

Now on his birthday this year he confessed one more murder, his 49th.  Progressed Saturn is still opposition his natal sun. And Neptune is about to make a trine with natal Sun. Remember the Sun sesquisquare Neptune in the natal chart (frustrated identity?). The trine shows an easy escape into a fantasy world or isolated world.

Venus-Pluto is reflecting intense desires. See about the Venus-Pluto aspect on Astromarkt:

In the charts of people who are involved in abuse cases, Venus-Pluto and/or Mars-Pluto have an important role to play. Examples:

Philp Garrido and Josef Fritzl both have an aspect between Venus and Pluto. Josef Fritzl and his daughter both have Mars afflicted by Pluto.

Christopher-Paul Neil is a child abuser with Mars oriental, afflicted by Saturn and Pluto, with Venus inconjunct Pluto 

An acccused priest with Venus opposition Pluto


and see the labels.

Also visit: for example about Pholus.


R.L. Ohlhausen said...

Though a slow moving generational planet through the signs, Pluto being at 15˚ Leo did him no favors when aspecting the near perfect dead center of the fixed signs Aquarius and Scorpio in his natal T-square.

The 15th˚ of Leo effected by planet or midpoint-barycenter is simple difficult.

R.L. Ohlhausen

Anonymous said...

oh man, Hellenistic astrology has over 12 Time Lord Procedures. Try looking at his chart using Quarters of the Minor Planetary Periods, it's based on the Pre Natal Lunation and doesn't need birth time. It is given in Chapter 4 of Valen's Anthology. You'll get even farther using the ancient Time Lords. Anyway, I put him on late Cancer Rising. He fits a profile of a dysfunctional 8th house, and the ruler (Saturn) is in aversion. Plus that puts Saturn in the 3rd - always use Whole Sign Houses - which explains his slow mind and poor early schooling. It's amazing that someone so slow could elude capture for so long. His IQ was only 81 I believe.

LudmillaB said...

Anonymous - Thanks for suggestion about "Quarters ..." technique, it is mentioned as useful by many Hellenistic astrology followers. However i suspect that this technique is not perfect, probably it was introduced because majority of ancient peoples did not know their birth time. It seems not working for my own chart. Maybe it's better to determine a dominant point between luminaries, the Lot and the Ascendant first, and then apply this technique. Did you find that "the last lunation" starting point always works for you?

Also, I have a friend with Saturn in 3rd place, and she is not "slow" at all, a fast learner and never had problems in school. "Slow" interpretation does not always apply.