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Transit Uranus (return), Zero Aries and (no) revolution

Can we point at Uranus at Zero Aries and at Egypt today and connect them? Transit Uranus was in the 28th degree of Pisces at the start of the Egypt revolt, but Uranus has been at Zero Aries last year (part of May, June, July and part of August) and retrograded  (back to Pisces). So Uranus is changing sign now. This year 2011 is the year of Uranus definite ingress in the astrological sign of Aries. It is a sort of a Uranian spring. When the progressed Sun changes sign, lifestyle changes. We consider Uranus as the symbol of change itself, of enstrangement and technology and more. Many books and sites consider Uranus as the symbol of surprise, shock and ...revolution. What really happens when Uranus changes sign and a new Uranian cyclus begins? Let's check it! Continue to see the transits and the events in the past ages...and you will see that the big revolutions and independences were not in the years of Uranus in Aries.
You know what transits are. They are the actual positions of a planet or light at a certain moment in time. In the epemeris of Uranus, you can see that Uranus ingress in Aries (when Uranus was at Zero Aries on March 1, 1760, on  February 10, 1844 and on March 31, 1927. Wikipedia tells us what happened in those years and on those days or in the years before (when Uranus changed sign). The big revolutions that changed the world had different data:

1.  The French Revolution was on July 14, 1789 with Uranus in the 5th degree of Leo. 
2. The American independence was with Uranus in Gemini. 
3. The Russian revolution was in 1917, with Uranus in the 20th degree of Aquarius. 
4. Another revolutionary moment (in astronomy) was when Uranus was discovered. That was with Uranus in the 25th degree of Gemini. 

All those important moments in history and no Uranus at Zero Aries:(...Uranus at Zero Aries is not THE moment for a revolution. Uranus in the first degree of the astrological zodiac is marking a moment in time when (under certain conditions and with other indications) a revolutionary person is born or an acceleration takes place. Here is what happened last time when Uranus was at Aries Point.

On March 31, 1927 (Uranus ingress in Aries) Cesar Chavez was born. He was a Mexican American farm worker and labor leader, an activist. On that day nothing special happened. 1927 was the year of the first primitive particle accelerator. 

It might be worth it to check the cycles of Uranus for every country to see if there is a significant change every 83 years. Every 82-84 years Uranus returns to the same position, often accelatering events and giving insight in the past important events. When a person becomes 82 -84 years old Uranus is back at the starting position. What it means, exactly? I can't tell you, but Bil Tierney has some ideas about Uranus transits with Uranus and they are here:

February 10, 1844 is even worse (if you want to see Uranus at Zero Aries as a revolutionary starting point). No celebrities and no major event. The year 1844 was the year of the first telegram (January 23) sent by Samuel Morse, the year of the Dominican Republic's independence, the YMCA, the end of Pinguinis impennis, the first Zoo and the Great Disappointment after a false prediction by William Miller (he said Jesus would be back). 

Now that wasn't a year of many great revolutions, was it?

On March 1, 1760 mr. Buzot, a French revolutionary leader, was born. He was a man of radical opinions. The Republican Party might like him: he demanded the right of all citizens to bear arms. 

In 1760, British troops won the battle of Vandavasi (gaining India) and Montreal was won, too (after winning Quebec in 1759). The Russians burnt Berlin. In 1761 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was 5. He had his first public concert. 

No, 1760 (or 1759 or 1761) was not a revolutionary year at all. The French Revolution was on July 14, 1789 with Uranus in the 5th degree of Leo. The American independence was with Uranus in Gemini. Uranus at Zero Aries is not the moment for a revolution. 

PS 2012
When Uranus joins Pluto we see the the combination of radical change, like revolution. End of June 2012 Uranus will be exactly square Pluto. In the charts of indiviuals the prominence of Uranus and Pluto often has a radical and outspoken effect. There will be another post about the effect of the transit Uranus in aspect with transit Pluto, in history. Here is more about the combination of Uranus and Pluto.

A besides:
Revolution is like Saturn, it devours its own children.  
That is an ancient statement and it's thought provoking that Saturn is the symbol of status quo and that it is in fact when the status quo is being restored (with others in charge). That is when the eating begins.

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