Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Nick Hogan (Nick Bollea), is a Formula D driver and the brother of Brooke Hogan and sun of Hulk Hogan, is in prison right now. He got 8 months for causing an accident in an illegal street race that killed one of the persons involved. Whenever there is an issue of limited freedom, you see a combination of Saturn-Uranus being activated.

Nick was born 27th July 1990 (so he has only just become 18 years old!) with Saturn 15 degrees away from Uranus (a quindecile making us aware of the issue of limited freedom), a calling Sun that draws attention, Jupiter oriental for self confidence and travelling...and Pluto sesquisquare Aries Point for the price to pay and the treasure to win. Jupiter and Pluto are prominent and the midpoint Jupiter/Pluto is semi square the Sun. Jupiter-Pluto combinations point at succes.

Nick Hogan had transit Neptune opposition progrssed Sun last year and on August 27 transit Mars was inconjunct Netpune, Jupiter inconjunct Mars. This was followed by progressed Sun inconjunct Saturn and sesquisquare Uranus, activating the Saturn-Uranus combination in his natal chart and the restrictions...

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