Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Today the Portugese police closed the case of the missing Madeleine McCann. I don't know the time of birth of Maddy McCann, so this chart is for 12 noon on the day that she was born. In that chart Neptune was retrograding, but...Neptune started going direct after the year that she vanished. In 2007 Neptune was stationary. Right now, in this year, Neptune returned to the place of birth.
Neptune symbolises among others: mist, mysteries and ...giving up.

Maddy McCann vanished on May 3, 2007 at about 9 in the evening from the appartment her parents had rented for the holidays in Portugal. The parents were in a restaurant with friends. It is said that she was walking outside in pijama's the night before and this might have drawn the attention of some person. And it could be that her parents (doctors) gave her something to sleep. But nobody knows for sure what happened...

The little girl was born on a day with extra risks for her safety. Mars was in a very close sesquisquare with Saturn and septile Pluto. The Sun was inconjunct Pluto and Pluto quintile Uranus. These are nasty aspects, indicating the danger of violent death as a theme and pointing at some sort of an impuls, arrest (which is merely the same as being taken away from your safe place, a sudden revolutionairy change of life).

When she vanished the transitting Sun was in aspect with the positions that Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto had on her birth day. It was an evil day.

And Neptune squared her natal Sun. Neptune, the planet of mysteries, drugs, mist, sea and disappearance. And indeed, this is stilll a mystery. It is also a media hype (Neptune again!) and notice, how religion (the visit to the pope) was again part of the scene.

- Suspect -
'Neighbour' Robert Murat, 20th November 1973, drew immediate attentino. He has Mars afflicted by Uranus. Venus is in hard aspect with these midpoint combinations: Mars/Saturnus, Mars/Pluto and Uranus/Pluto. No wonder that he was suspected. There are several links between the charts of Murat and Maddy:

a. His afflicted Mars is on her Venus
b. His Uranus opposed to her Venus
c. Her progressed Sun inconjunct his Uranus
d. Her progressed Sun semi sextile his Mars
e. His Pluto (zero orb!) sesquisquare her Sun of birth.

But does this point at involvement or is it more than that? The Jonbenet-Karr-case shows that coincidence does exist...

The father of Madeleine is Gery McCann, born June 5, 1968. Notice the aspects...Mars square Pluto and Uranus, Sun square Mars and conjunct Pluto (and compare them to the ones John Ramsey has, for example). Saturn is calling and oriental (good for a scientist or doctor). On May 3, 2007, the day that Maddy vanished, he had transit Mars opposed to Pluto. His progressed Sun squared Saturn. And Neptune was inconjunct his progressed Sun. So he was blamed and suspected...

(based upon the whole article that you read here and that includes the cases of Jonbenet Ramsey, Natalee Holloway etc.:

Cases and charts like these are very much showing that speculations about guilt should not be done based on astrology. I have noticed how the charts of lawyers and sollicitors seem to have the same sort of aspects as the criminals have...and their victims...The aspects point at a theme in life, not at guilt. The stars do not judge, they cooly indicate a subject of importance in life.

PS The inconjunction in progression or transits points at a lost.


mishy said...

Is there any way you can do my chart? I'm very distressed that they've given up on little Maddie :-(

Astromarkt said...

Sorry Mishy, I limit myself to managing my 4 blogs and website in two languages (well, a little bit of 'Spanish', too).