Wednesday, July 2, 2008


BREAKING NEWS: Ingrid Betancourt is free! The Columbian army freed her, at last, from the FARC and with her 11 other 'prisoners'. This joyful moment in her life is accompanied by

1. progressed MC semi square natal Jupiter (progress with frustrations)
2. progressed Moon square progressed Saturn (fear, feeling bad)
3. transit Saturn inconjunct progressed Saturn (the disadvantage of age and lost time)
4. transit Saturn trine natal Sun (getting respect and security)
5. transit Mars conjunct Uranus (fight to be free*)
6. transit Mars trine Mars (a drive to act and use energy)

These are not all easy transits and progressions. And you might imagine why when you watched the pictures that were published lately, showing her in bad state.

Notice that the progressions and transits activate her most prominent planets: Mars (the oriental planet), Jupiter and Saturn (crucial planets on top) and Uranus is ruler 10, tightly trine Mars*).
Neptune, crucial on her descendant, is not mentioned in the list above. Neptune symbolises the disappearance out of normal life. Notice btw that Ceres is conjunct her Ascendant, as I belief because of the (female) icon that she is for Colombia.

Please see my message about Ingrid Betancourt and her chart, just click on the link.

*)Often, at the time of an important event, there is a transit or progression between two planets that are already in a tight aspect in the natal chart. Most of the time the sort of aspect changes (like in this case: the trine and conjunction). It means that an important issue in the natal chart is being activated.

Mars trine Uranus is an aspect for making changes, making free. You might speculate weather it takes NOT being free or independant to act and get liberated. Mars with Uranus is an explosive combination. Mars is energy, Uranus is the spark. Uranus is also the planet of ‘now or never’. Two explosives coming together to execute radical solutions…In the article on my site Astromarkt about the combination of Mars and Uranus I give various examples of people with this theme prominently in their charts. I quote myself':
". It is the aspect of the radical action. Fast and sometimes too fast actions are part of Mars and Uranus. The goal is to establish a change. It is the aspect of the revolutionary, the rebel and the independently operating soldier. Not surprisingly Mars/Uranus midpoint and Mars in aspect with Uranus are clearly shown in the charts of terrorists and freedom fighters. This aspect is also to be found in the charts of those causing accidents and involved in the crime scene. Arrests and operations belong to the Mars/Uranus combination. As an example: Frida Kahlo (6th July 1907 8h30 Coyoacan Mexico) had Mars conjunct Uranus. When young she suffered from a heavy accident that crippled her and later in life she was arrested and imprisoned for a while."

Ebertin calls Mars/Uranus the principle of sudden effort and sociological: the freedom fighter or revolutionary. Accidents, injuries and operations are part of the meaning of Mars/Uranus.
With trines and sextiles the aspect symbolises the good result of a dangerous situation. People with these aspects will not give in easily and will be rebellious. Those are characteristics that might cause accidents.

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