Sunday, July 6, 2008

Their (latest) charts and prognosis for the elections

Re:\last message about McCain and his hour of birth:

I think the 11.00 hour a.m. might be the true McCain-chart, because of Mars on the family axis (the meridian). And with what I know now (…) I think Obama has the best chances to win the elections. I used the same method that I used for the EC football 2008 and see Saturn and Neptune with the transit MC for McCain against Ascendant-Jupiter for Obama. See the charts below.


McCain is coming from a military family. His father and paternal grandfather became 4-star US Navy generals! So the angular Mars on the MC, implicating the importance of male energy, muscles and fighting is very telling. Of course, Mars already was important because Mars is rising before the Sun (oriental and prominent). As his military career seems to have been crucial for his position in society, a crucial Mars is not surprising in his chart.
And with this HOB Jupiter is trine the Midheaven. I think that is important, too. The combination of a prominent Mars and Jupiter points at a lot of energy and success in life.

McCain has Mars square Uranus. That is one of the indications in a male's chart for divorce or net getting married to a woman. It is also a sign for having an explosive nature".

Mr. McCain did not become a general, like his father and grandfather. But he is ambitious (Moon in Capricorn), obsessively (Sun quindecile - 165 d - Saturn). And the tightest aspect in his chart is Moon opposition Pluto. I suppose that he is very demanding and not easily to be persuaded. His experiences in situations of danger of course changed his personality in a dramatic way.

But does it really matter that he has a strong and dominating personality? Because so has Obama (Moon square Pluto). And maybe you cannot become a candidate without being persistent.

The match between the candidates is symbolized by:
Pluto of Obama conjunct Sun of McCain
Mars of McCain conjunct Sun of Obama

Transit Saturn and Uranus in harmonious aspect with the progressed Sun and progressed Saturn conjunct and Neptune opposition the final moment of election day in Washington (20th degree of Pisces MC). I think that points at a heavy disillusion. Now, with the 11.00 am chart his progressed Midheaven might also be semi square Neptune by then. Another disappointing aspect.

Michelle Obama's midpoint Jupiter/Pluto is related to the transit Sun of Election day.
Obama has transit Moon conjunct his natal Jupiter on that moment and transit Jupiter square his progressed Ascendant. And primary Jupiter trine MC, perfecting February 2009.

I started looking at the charts of the possible future presidents, when McCain was supposed to be born at 9 a.m. and Obama's hour of birth was still unknown. At that time, I had the idea that McCain could win. Now, knowing the HOB of Obama and the true HOB of McCain, I changed my mind. But it is still early in the year. HOB's might still change:) and it is very important to know the candidate vice-presidents, too. Still, with what I know now, I think Obama has the best chances

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mar,

Well done, as usual. Yes, the 11:00 tob fits McCain.

Re: Obama, I still wonder if that sixth house Leo Sun - will be enough to lead the divided country, he will have some powerful opponents once elected. I think the people can relate to him with that Moon, like you say - and maybe 6th house Sun factors in with that, too. Not as well connected to "the powers that be" as a 12th house Sun politician, I think - but Saturn is there. (?) He will have to work hard to bring about the change he promises, for sure.