Monday, July 7, 2008


Three years ago today, there was a terrorist attack in London. I analysed the chart of the moment and the data of the terrorists. What I found was the combination of Mars-Uranus, prominent in these four charts. You can see the complete study on my site Astromarkt.

Here you see the birth data of the terrorists, their natal chart and the transits of the very moment of the attack (so a very narrow orb!):

1. 20th October 1974
Natal: Conjunction of Sun, Mars (oriental) and Uranus
Transits: His prominent Mars progressed to the 16th degree of Scorpio (sesquisquare Aries Point) and was opposition the MC of the moment of the blast (transit Midheaven opposition Mars)

2. 16th September 1986
Natal: Sun trine Mars and square Uranus, Mars semi sextile Uranus
Progressions and transits:
- his progressed Jupiter trined the Sun of the event chart (a happy day for him), with
- progressed Mars opposition Saturn of the event chart and inconjunct the event charts' ascendant (so transit Saturn and Ascendant with his progressed Mars) and
- transit Pluto square natal Sun.

3. 15th December 1980
Natal: Sun conjunct the midpoint Mars/Uranus
Transit Pluto was conjunct his Neptune
Transit ASC square his Uranus
Transit Mars square Mars

4. 23th September 1985
Natal: Mars oriental in a wide square with Uranus and 75d from Saturn
Transit Uranus contra parallel and inconjunct his Sun

Mars and Uranus

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