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New DNA evidence clears Jonbenet Ramsey's family of all charges after 12 years of suspicion.

Jonbenet Ramsey (6th August 1990 Atlanta 11:56) is the little beauty queen aged 6 who was murdered on December 26 1996. The family always said someone from outside the house and family must have done it. And though on the internet there is a lot of gossip going on about times and statements that do not correspond (like in the case of Madeleine McCann, again)...there never were real proofs against the family.

a. Father John Ramsey (7 december 1943, 12h45 Omaha) has Sun opposition Mars and Mars conjunct his crucial Uranus on the IC. Those are indications of someone with a hot temper. In October of 1996 he had Sun opposition Pluto and in January of the following year 1997 his Sun reached a sesqui square with Saturn. Neptune - the planet of the media - was on his progressed MC and so he was part of a gossip going around. Note that this is the same sort of aspect his little daughter had at the time! (see below...) Saturn was also in conflict with his progressed Ascendant and Venus. All these are very tough aspects that seem to match with the horrifying situation.

The latest report about him is that he is dating the mother of the missing Natalee Holloway, Betty Holloway Twitty!

b. Jonbenet's mother, Patsy (29 December 1956 - 24 Juni 2006) was a former beauty queen with Sun inconjunct Mars. The positions on her birthday show that she and her daughter had a close connection between Venus and Saturn. That is a common synastry aspect with mothers and daughters.

During the time of the murder Patsy has Saturn in opposition with the Sun. That indicates a depression and being blamed.

c. Brother Burke could have done it, said the public. He was born 27 January 1987. When his sister died he had Saturn in conflict with the progressed Sun and Venus. Transit Pluto was sesquisquare Mars. He was only 9 years old, then! The transits show his grieve and the fact that a crime occured (and that he had to defend himself, perhaps against the accusations).


Jonbenet has an intruiging birth chart. This natal chart points at the disadvantages of beauty and charm danger.

The crucial planets Venus and Saturn are on both sides of the meridian (for the disadvantages mentioned before). Venus is on top: charm and beauty are above all of importance in her life. There is a grand square of Sun, Moon, Mars and Pluto. Mars and Pluto are prominent in her chart, as they are connected to Zero Aries by hard aspects (135 degrees). Mars is on cusp eight, the house of Pluto and Mars opposes Pluto. It is clearly seen that there is a danger to die (8) because of an act (Mars) of violence (Pluto).

THE DAY SHE DIED - 26 december 1996 -
On the final day of her life Jonbenet had an appropiate transit of Neptune inconjunct the MC. She was missing for a few hours and her death has remained a mystery. She is sharing the Neptune-MC aspect with her father, that day.

In her solar return chart for 1996 Mars and Saturn take position on the cross of the chart: an end -Saturn - of energy - Mars -, a classical symbol of possible death in astrology.


One day a so called killer shows up: John Mark Karr (11th December 1964, Hamilton), a man with Mars tightly conjunct Pluto. He and the victim share the aspect of Mars and Pluto, the theme of use and abuse of violence. They were 'connected' by a violent act (but he did not do it).

His Uranus is inconjunct her Moon (zero orb).
His Venus trines hers.
His Mars trines hers.

He could have done it and so he was arrested.
John Mark Karr has the same connection between Sun, Mars and Uranus as John Ramsey. But...his DNA does not match and though the man is a pedophile, he did not seem to be the murderer and was released on October 5, 2006. Karr only was obsessed by Jonbenet...

See how transit Jupiter is opposition her Midheaven. An appropiate aspect that is beneficial for her family.

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