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No parole for Susan Atkins, who is dying due to brain cancer now. Susan Atkins is a multiple killer, member of the Charles Manson-gang and one of the murderers of the pregnant Sharon Tate (on August 8, 1969). She said she thought Charles Manson was Jesus...Few people will empathize with this woman. She spent almost 40 years in prison, since October 1, 1969.

Susan Atkins was born May 7, 1948 in San Gabriel at 3 minutes past midnight, so tells me my Astrolab database. In her chart you see Chiron on the Midheaven, an oriental Moon and no placements in water. So she did not have much compassion and her own needs (Moon) come first always (oriental position). And that her youth and her family or caretakers (mother) were of prominent influence. When her mother died and her life changed from that of a middle class girl into a wanderer her progressed Sun changed sign. That was in 1962.

Charles Manson is born November 12, 1934, 16h40 EST Cincinatti. His Sun is tightly conjunct the Midheaven of Susan Atkins. As his Sun is square Saturn, his Saturn is square her Midheaven, so that he brightened her destination (MC) and made her famous and... So that he had a bad influence on her position in life.
Or did she have a bad influence on his life? Both have Sun square Saturn (they share Sun square Saturn). Both had a bad start in life.

Chart of Atkins, position of Manson on the outside

SUN SQUARE SATURN (and biquintile Neptune)
Susan Atkins’ Sun square Saturn is one of her most tight aspects. She also has the MC square Mars/Pluto and Mars/Saturn so that the issue of unnatural death is linked to her position in society.

Susan Atkins' parents were alcoholics. Her mother died young from cancer. And that is how Susan Atkins will end her life, too. See Sun square Saturn and biquintile Neptune: the combination of illnesses (Sun, Saturn and Neptune).

This minor aspect in the chart of Susan Atkins refers to use and abuse of drugs and medication and to possible crime. I did a study (click here, is in Dutch) about the issue of crime in the charts of criminals, sollicitors and attorneys and I found Mars-Neptune connections in most of them.

Now Susan Atkins is terminally ill. In June, Atkins' attorney, Eric P. Lampel stated that Atkins condition had deteriorated to the point that she is paralyzed on one side, can only talk "a little bit" and can't sit up in bed without assistance, says Wikipedia. And the judge did not let her go out of jail. Would not you expect Saturn or Pluto transits? Instead there is transit Jupiter trine her natal Sun. Most of the time this transits is beneficial, so I really wonder what Jupiter is doing:)

Jupiter is also opposition her progressed Midheaven. Jupiter is the symbol of the judge. This judge judged against her goals but maybe her life changed for the better, somehow. Jupiter is also the symbol of a doctor. It always takes circumstances to judge a transit...

Solar return chart

In her solar return chart Neptune is ruling the 8th house of life and death and Neptune is conjunct the Descendant. Saturn is close to the ascendant in the first solar return chart house. And nobody doubts that this will be Susan Atkins' final year on earth.

This corresponds with the progressive chart. Last year her progressed Sun was square progressed Saturn, four years ago square natal Neptune. Also the Moon is progressing to a square with both natal Neptune in the 8th house and progressed Neptune in the 6th. One transit with Jupiter cannot undo all of these bad signs.

More about sharing aspects
Astrology chart of Charles Manson

*) Chiron on the Midheaven links the 'wounded healer' to the position in life. Chiron in my eyes is also the ferryman (the symbol of the person who brings you to the 'other side), but that is wrong (please see the commments) and Chiron is the centaur (a dangerous creature when drunk, but mostly seen as 'the wounded healer').

The reading of the chart of Goeie Mie, a historical female serial killer in Holland


Anonymous said...

Nicely done. I've observed Jupiter involved in death or its approach, possibly as a (really) long journey, or the expansion of our world. And, I would add that Chiron is not the ferryman; that's Charon, which I believe is one of Pluto's Moons (?), easy to confuse the two. A very interesting article, on an unusual individual. Thanks for sharing your analysis.

Astromarkt said...

Hi Julie,

Yes, it is indeed easy to confuse Chiron (Cheiron in Greek) and Charon. Thank you for pointing at that!

Chiron was a centaur. Centaurs were violent when intoxicated (with alcohol) but this one sacrificed his life to save that of another. He gave up immortatility because he could not heal himself.
I wonder what Chiron is doing on the Midheaven in this chart. She killed, adoring Charles Manson, and being drugged, as one of the centaurs? She was certainly not a healer...

About Jupiter and death: I share these observations. My idea is that Jupiter contributes to improve the conditions of the final moments or the situation as a whole (in the eyes of a patient). Some people are real happy to die (f.ex. when they are very ill) and some people get assistence in the final proces to ease the pain etc. In those cases Jupiter is there (too).Maybe worth a study...

Thanks for your comment!:)